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Mum is so mean to me!

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I was feeling perfectly fine thank you! Just had a little bit of a nagging cough. What does she do? Scoops me up without a By your leave, shoves me in that awful box thing of hers and takes me to that hateful man with the sharp shiny claws that he sticks into me!

I heard him telling her that I had tonsillitis. I mean, relly - it is just a cough. Oh, and yeah, I suppose my throat is a little sore. I suppose I haven't been feeling on top of the world, come to think of it.

Anyway, he stuck me with two of those hateful silver claws and now mum catches me every morning and sticks horrible bitter little tablets down my mouth. But, I am starting to feel better. I haven't coughed once since going. And I can eat my delicious food again.

Ok, I'll forgive her. Till tomorrow morning anyway.

Luca, the siamese.
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Aw Luca! Mummy was only trying to help! I hope you get better soon!

Furry kisses from my gang!
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Aww Luca, here's the secret... after she gives you the pill, go and puke it in her shoe. She's wants you to do it. Really.

With love, Kanga.
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Human Sam:

I've heard a nice chewed up pill on her pillow is more exciting.
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Luca besure that you throw the pill up in Mommy's shoe and then go and use the potty on her pillow....Hee Hee Hee.

The Sammycat

Seriously Glad to hear you are feeling better. Don't mind The Sammycat he is mean at times anyway. Oscar
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im sorry you werent feeling well luca i hope you feel really better soon mums do weird things when they think we dont feel well and they get all mushy and bossy too but they mean well so you should forgive her

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Awww, you poor thing!.

I hate it when my mum takes me every year to the surgery, where a man sticks two big needles in me!.

My mum keeps telling me that they stop me getting nasty things like flu etc...but i still hate going!!!!!.

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Luca - Mommy did it cause she loves you!
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ROFL! Have you contacted the local humane society?
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How is Luca today? I hope she's doing fine.
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Hi there

Yeah, she is feeling better today. She hasn't been coughing at all which is great.

Thanks for all your get well wishes!
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LOL! I´m glad she is feeling better!
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