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Same cat...two different faces

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Here is my girl Sydney. One of my friends mentioned that she looked like two cats that collided.

Here is her right side...

...and her left side...

...and both sides...
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she is so cute!!! Interesting theory too!
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Sydney is a georgeous kitty
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What a pretty girl!!! I love her coloring!
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wow! Yes I agree with your friend she is a twin times 1!
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Beautiful! I just love her markings.
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What a pretty calico she is. I just love the markings.
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I love her face!! Our guinea pig has a face is like that.
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I love your cat sydney, what a beautiful cat.....the colors are amazing.....
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WOW , what a beautiful face . She is very pretty ,I love calico cats
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Sydney is an awesome looking cat. She's really a beauty.
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WOW! That is so cool!! I her!
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Wow! What an interesting looking kitty!
One question, how did you get that pic of the cat facing the same direction from both sides? Hmmm???
That is a cool looking face, My cats are symetrical with the exception of Peaches who has different marking on either side of her body.
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OMG she is very cool! It's like she has one of those masks on with two sides!
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What a cool cat she is! Yes I agree, it is like her face does collide! You must enjoy her lots! My Faline compliments your girl.
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What neat markings.
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She has got to be one of the coolest marked Calicos I have ever seen
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Pretty calico!!!!
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Love the markings. she's a gorgeous girl!
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Oh, she's a lovely girl!! Very interesting markings.
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Boy boy saw her pic and he went like.. hey she looks like me without the brown!!!
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That's incredible! I had to forward the link to my husband at work so he could see it. He actually said "...what the hell!..." LOL.

Very Beautiful kitty!
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She is just beautiful !!! I would consider her another PICASO cat!
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