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Crystal cat litter

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I decided to try the fresh step crystal litter and I LOVE IT. We have one litter box filled with that and the rest are filled with there normally litter. The cats all are picking the box with the crystals it has no odor at all. We are going to see if in the long run this works out better for us then the clumbing litter. I like that it is so much lighter.
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I thought about using that stuff too. Right now I am using the Fresh Step Cedar stuff and it works well for me.
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I love Feline Pine!!!!
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I wanted to buy some tonite and was afraid to...
The stuff i almost bought was tidy cat crystals...
Can you scoop this stuff?
How exactly does it work?
I use clumping now and am a little bit worried about the effects on the cats health...
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I have been using it for a week now and there is still NO order! We are using fresh step crystals but I just bought some tidy cat because I want to try that.
At first I didn't understand how to use it because I always used clumping but here is how it works.
After the cat goes potty the crystals take in the wet waste and the odor, daily you scoop out the solid waste and you mix the crystals up. I'm not sure why it doesn't smell but it doesn't smell at all. I thought I would like clumping best because you remove the clumps but so far so good, I really love this stuff. We will see how long it keeps working!
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i think I'm going to try it!
I hope my cats will go in it....ill fill one with it...and the other box with the regular and see...
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Is the crystal cat litter still working well??
Just curious
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I wont use anything but crystals. Right now I'm using Litter Pearls because it was on sale but I think I prefer Fresh Step.

The way it locks in the odor is incredible.. and you dont have to empty the urine, just stir it right around and the crystals absorb it leaving them dry to the touch.

It's more expensive but its worth it. Less mess and tracking too!!
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How well does this work compared to clumping litter? I'm kind of confused?
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The crystals are STILL working! It so great too, because it is less to throw way. I just scoop out the solid waste and stir the crystle around. It is insane how much clumping litter I go through with all these cats. A few of the cats do not like the crystals and prefer the clumping but I'm hoping they will all get used to the crystals.

I like fresh step better the tidy cats, the tidy cats seems to make more noise when they walk on it and they do not like that as much. Also the fresh step has a nice scent to it.
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Originally posted by Hammer6
How well does this work compared to clumping litter? I'm kind of confused?
I like it better then the clumping. Less to throw way and is smells less.
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has anyone tried ExquisiCat Crystals Cat Litter? I saw it on PetsMart.com and it is a couple bucks cheaper then tidy cats I think, just wondering if it works as good?
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I haven't tried that kind yet, but I think that they give you less then the other brands.
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Hmm, ok, I will have to look into that. I think crystals would be the best for our household of many cats.
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A couple more questions?

Is it more cost effective than clumping litter? It seems to be from the research we have done. The litter box gets completely changed at least once a week and the crystals seem to last longer. Is that true also? If they last longer as well, that's great. Also how do your cats like it compared to clumping? And we were planning on implementing the crystals by putting it in another litter box next to the clumping and have them slowly move to the new one.

Any help - thanks...
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It seems to last longer because you are not scooping out the litter like you are with clumps. It looks like it cost more because the bag cost more, but in the long run I think it might end up being cheaper! We are on one week and three days and still NO oder!
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I've been thinking about trying these. Should I mix half with my old litter or just change to them all at once?
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Some of my cats do not like the crystals, so what I did was keep a few normal boxes out. It also says if they do not like it you can mix 1/4 in and then 1/2 in and they 3/4 in over a period of time to get them used to it.
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I was thinking about trying this litter. I have 3 cats and right now I have to sweep the floors twice a day because of all the tracking. It really helps huh? Plus one more question, I use those litter bags that you put inside the litter box and then you just throw the bag away. Can you use those bags with this type of litter?


It's more expensive but its worth it. Less mess and tracking too!! [/b][/quote]
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Well I finally bought crystal cat litter. For me, I didn't really like it that much, I prefer clumping. I think it would be great for a smaller cat household then ours though. It just seems a lot goes to waste when I scoop it. Also one of our cats refuses to use the 2 litter boxes with crystals, he only goes in the ones with clumping. Maybe I will just get the crystal blend.

Also, if anyone uses litter box deoderizer, the best one I have found is Tidy Cats Deodorizer, it is in a yellow canister and quite inexpensive, it has a pleasant smell and our cats don't mind it at all.
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I bought a litter scoop with larger wholes so the crystals will fall through. The litter is STILL smelling okay. I just scoop the solid out and mix the litter. So far i'm still happy, and I really like not having those heavy bags of clumps to lug out to the trash.
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I tried the crystals and i loved it at first. Maybe i just have hyper senses but after a while i started to smell it and for me it smelled worse than the regular litter I used, not as strong but weirder in a way. And also my kitten started to take crystals and play around with them, and I didn't find that very plesant :-P I gave it two attempts but then i switched back to the clumpy one :-)
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I am presently using the Tidy Cats Crystals but my concern (and I haven't seen this addressed in the thread) is the crystal's principal component-silica-and its potentially harmful effects on the cat's (and human's) respiratory system. Any thoughts on this?
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i don't like crystals at all but my Nana swears by them. When we trialed it in our cat room we had three cats, and each tray was ABSOLUTELY disgusting - OK no odor until you tip the crystals out and it just absolutely hits you. Nope, went right back to our usual kitty litter - Vitapet.
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Originally Posted by mjl1297
I am presently using the Tidy Cats Crystals but my concern (and I haven't seen this addressed in the thread) is the crystal's principal component-silica-and its potentially harmful effects on the cat's (and human's) respiratory system. Any thoughts on this?
I'm not sure... I would think if there was any harmful effects, it would've been brought up... and I haven't heard anything. What effects are you thinking could occur?
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It is known to cause respiratory distress in some cats and their humans. It's the fine dust primarily that is easily inhaled. There is information online and I believe elsewhere on this site. Apologize for the delay in responding, I've been away.
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I nearly picked a bag of the crystals up last night when i was grocery shopping but was undecided?!.

So even after a week do you not need to completely change the litter at all?!
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I have used crystals and I loved them except for two things. When they stop absorbing they really stop absorbing. If you have a cat with bladder/kidney problems I do not recommend it as you might start wishing for a milk jug to pour off the excess liquid. More importantly was the cats hacking after inhaling the dust, very disturbing.

We have also tried clay, clumping, and wood shavings. Finally we stumbled across FELINE PINE and so far I love it the best out of any of them. It is extreamly absorbant, flushable if you want to scoop solids, starts as pellets, ends up powdery and light and even combats oder from the liquid. There is no silicon dust to get in your cats lungs (used to happen EVERYTIME we changed using crystals) and make them cough terribly. I find that the tracking is minimal and limited to the area directly around the box most of the time. It also sweeps up very easy and vaccumes up easier. I am so glad we do not use heavy clay or clumping litter that gets stuck to their paws and defintly glad they are not inhaling silicon!

I say give FELINE PINE a try for a week or two and see if you find it easy to manage. When the pellets all break down and you can see the pine starting to be "used up" then just dump it an pour in some more. If the box needs it, give it a hot rinse in the tub first.
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I use the Tidy Cats Crystal Blend and I like it best out of all the other litters I've tried. I've tried Feline Pine, but the cats don't like it, otherwise it was great. Has anyone tried flushable litters, like Arm and Hammer? I loved that I could just flush the feline pine and I'd like to find one the cats will tolerate.
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I use silica crystals exclusively

My brand is FreshMagic, i use the chunky style. They're great. One bag lasts about 3 weeks for one cat. The crystals soak up the pee and dry out the droppings, all you need to do is scoop them out. The litter will turn yellow and when the smell becomes strong when you stir the litter, it's time to throw out and start a new bag.

Marsh's grew up on it at this breeder, so he's 100% used to it from birth

I have a write-up on it on my website: http://www.marshu.com/marsh-cat-fres...cat-litter.php
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