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American Humane Society- Photo Contest

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In case some of you might be interested, here is a link to a pretty neat photo contest. The prizes are quite nice-Best Friends Photo Contest

Just a hint, they will automatically reduce your photo down to a size they can use, so if you are considering a photo, find one that shows your cat in the middle of the photo, or in the lower portion of it otherwise, your cat's ears or tail may be lopped off by their program.

Best of Luck!
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Neat! Neo one a petsmart contest when he was alittle baby
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Thanks for the link! I signed up both of the girls!
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How nead , thanks for the link M.A.
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It's a cool contest, and I'm all-for the Humane Society, but it's a shame they have to do it the way they're doing it. Basically, the point of this contest (and many of these contests) is for them to gain e-mail addresses to send promotional materials. That wouldn't be bad, EXCEPT for this:

From time to time, we may make such voluntary information, excluding credit card information (which will never be disclosed) available to The HSUS's affiliate organizations or to sponsors or licensees that provide special programs or services we think you might find interesting or beneficial.
So basically, they're harvesting e-mails to give to their business parters (and themselves) for advertising and promotions. Since you don't know what those organizations are, you have no idea if your info is being sold as part of a mailing list. That ALSO wouldn't be bad, but then you're shipping around a mass e-mail asking people to participate, when you don't really know what will become of their information.

The HSUS also basically gives themselves the right to use the photos in advertising, etc...

The HSUS, its legal representatives, successors, and assigns, the nonexclusive right and permission to use, modify, adapt, reproduce, publish, and distribute the photograph, or any portion thereof, throughout the world, in any printed form and by any kind of mechanical or electronic or any other method or device of reproduction, publication, and distribution known or later developed, during the full term of the copyright, and without notification or payment.
Anyway, I'd love to do something like this, but feel like these types of concerns undermine the overall goodwill message. It would be so much better if they'd just say, "look, we're going to add these people to our mailing list, but we won't sell or give the information to any third party."
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