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Just a few hours ago, I picked Spike up to cuddle and felt a BIG lump in his chest/belly.. I am going to call the vet the first thing tmr and see if I can get him to be checked out.

I was wondering what this could be? I searched for threads regarding lumps in this section and only found one where the lump was identified as a hernia??

Any other possibilities what this lump could be?

Spike is acting normally as far as I can see.. I am still worried though. I HOPE this is NOT a cancerous lump!

Pls let me know if u have any ideas regarding this and send me positive vibes..
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It could be anything from an abscess ready to blow, to a spider bite, to an infection, your best bet is to do what you have done and arrange to take the cat in and get it checked. Chances are it will turn out to be something quite minor, and I wouldn't worry about what it might be until you know for sure what it is.
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I dont know what it could be , but I will keep your kitty in my thoughts
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One of my cats has a couple of lumps on his belly.

I cannot remember what our vet at school called them(I'm half asleep.LOL.),but he said it wasn't anything to be worried about right now.He did say though that if they got bigger,they may need to be removed.
But I would get him checked out to be on the safe side.Please let us know what the vet says.
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I just called my vet and the earliest they can get me in is at 5 30 today. I am really glad there was an opening TODAY! Now, I just have to try not to worry too much until then.

I felt the lump again this morning to see how big it is and it's about the size of a golf ball so it CAN't be a spider bite.. This lump has to have grown pretty quickly because he went to the vet for a physical exam on Dec 21 and there was nothing. I think it must've grown within a couple days because I tend to pick him up to cuddle and didn't notice the lump until yesterday.

Keeping my fingers crossed that it's something minor and can be easily repaired WITH NO SURGERY!
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Hope Spike is okay. Will keep my fingers crossed for you, keep us posted.
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Oh no poor spike I hope everything goes ok.
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Oh no! Spike is definitely in my thoughts. I hope it is only an abscess that can be cleaned up. Hang in there and let us know how he does at the vet.

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Sniff.. Sniff.. Just got back from the vet. When the vet felt the lump, she said "WHOA! That's VERY noticable!" Jeez.. NO KIDDING with that lump being the size of a golf ball!NOT good that a vet would say that right??

She took him into another room to put a needle in the lump and pull out some cells so she can look at them under the microscope and see if she can find out what it is. I felt like a HORRIBLE mom watching her take him into another room knowing that it will hurt him BUT it s for the best.When she brought him back into the room, he immediately scurried over to me and started rubbing his nose against my nose like crazy (that's how he gets comforted I guess)..

She said she will look at it either tonite or tmr depending on how busy they are and email me with the results hopefully by tmr morning. She also offered to take an xray because she had ONE case where the cat's sternum was bent so I said YES.. From the xray, she said the sternum was PERFECT so that can't be what the lump is... SIGH! I am gonna worry myself SICK by tmr morning!

I asked what it could possibly be- a hernia? cancerous lump?? Infection??

She said it's DEFINITELY NOT a hernia cuz the lump is TOO FIRM. there are 3 possibilities-
Tumor (either cancerous or benign)
Trauma (firm bruise)..

She also said they MIGHT need to do a biopsy if she cannot identify what it is from the cell slides. I KNOW how PAINFUL biopsies are! (IMO, it shouldn't be called a biopsy! It's really a SURGERY! I have had 2 breast biopsies and it's PAINFUL as HELL). I HOPE HOPE that we don't need to have a biopsy cuz I don't want to put him thru that hell.

Keep ur fingers crossed for me and Spikey that it's nothing too serious and can be repaired easily! I HOPE I can sleep tonite and be able to concentrate at work tmr...
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Poor Spike! I hope it's nothing serious and can be dealt with easily. He (and you!) will be in my thoughts.
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Oh man poor Spike!!! Is he behaving normal? How old is he? I will pray that it's not cancer (((((((( hugs ))))))))
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awwwwwwwwww keep us posted
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Pam you and Spike will enter my prayers tonight. I will pray for a good outcome to this.
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God bless both you and Spike...please keep us updated! You are both in my thoughts.
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Oh Pamela, (((BIG HUG))), and I hope you managed to get some rest (but I know you didn't). Sending **megavibes** for the results to not be serious, and be easily treatable.
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Still crossing my fingers for you and spike, any news?
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any news of poor Spike
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OMG - I just read this - poor baby - as soon as you know more, please let us know!! This is the worst - feeling so helpless that is.
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Pipsqueek, Frantic and I are thinking good thoughts for you and Spike.
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THANKS u guys!! U guys have been soo supportive!! I really APPRECIATE this.. My poor co workers- I am being grumpy today cuz I am so worried about this- have only told ONE co worker (big cat lover)..

I haven't heard anything by 11 so I went ahead and called the vet.. I was told that the vet hadn't gotten around to emailing me the results and will send me the email on her lunch break.. I couldn't sleep last nite (slept maybe 3 hours), couldn't concentrate during a work meeting this morning NOW I have to WAIT A FEW MORE HOURS TO HEAR THE RESULTS??

I should be thankful that I don't have to wait a week for the results though like some people have had to with their cats..

HANGING in there.. WIll post news ASAP I hear anything..
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FINALLY, my vet emailed me her answer with results!! I'm copying/pasting her email here..

Sorry it took me so long to get this e-mail out. This morning was way too hectic.
As far as Spike's lump - on the microscope I saw mostly red blood cells and white blood cells. I didn't see any major signs of infection, inflammation, or any cells that looked suspicious for cancer. There is always the possibility that the sample that we got from that needle aspirate is not representative of the whole lump, but overall I don't think there's much to worry about.
Trauma is definitely the most likely option right now.
Keep an eye on that area for any changes. If it is due to trauma it should very slowly decrease in size, but may never go away entirely. However, if you notice it growing or if it suddenly becomes painful etc. then Spike may need to have a biopsy done after all.
Keep me posted - If you need to reach me quickly, it is best to call. I only check e-mail about once a week unless I am expecting a reply. Good luck!"

I guess I am relieved BUT I wanted a DEFINITE "HE's OKAY" you know? I'll keep checking that lump on a daily basis and see if it does decrease in size or not...
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I don't know BUT I would NOT be satisfied with this answer! Personally I would get a second opinion!! Hugs to the little guy!
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Originally posted by Hell603
I don't know BUT I would NOT be satisfied with this answer! Personally I would get a second opinion!! Hugs to the little guy!

I agree , that answer wouldnt fit for a human and shouldnt fit for a "animal" either ...Im so sorry you still have to have a nagging worry
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Hmmm.. how could there be no inflammation if this thing is the size of a golf ball?? Sounds like good news but doesnt sound like she's 100% sure. My vet would opt for a biopsy if she were uncertain.
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I just read this thread. I agree with the others. I would want to be 100% sure as well!!!! Keep us posted if there are any changes with Spike.

Sending purrs and prayers your way,
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Is Spike acting fine, eating, etc, normal in every way except the lump? That may influence how the vet is responding. And the vet is right in that a needle aspirate doesn't always give you a definite answer (basically if it gives you bad news such as cancer cells are found you know it is for real, if it just gives normal cells it could mean everything is fine or it could mean the needle missed the bad cells).
A lump that gets that big that fast is most likely an abscess (& there should have been pus on the aspirate) or trauma (& what you have is a hematoma (big bruise with blood in it). With an abscess the cat usually feels sick - not always but usually. A hematoma will gradually go down in size as the clot dissolves but you sometimes end up with a "knot" left that you can feel.
Did you ask the vet about compressing the lump?
For a lump like the one you describe, a biopsy would involve totally removing it I think. Depending on how old & healthy your cat is you need to decide if you want surgery or to observe a few more days.
Decisions, decisions - wish things like medicine & health were more black & white but often they are grey!
Deb E, thinking good thoughts for you!
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Poor spike. I really hope he's OK!.

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I really appreciate all of your support, thoughts and advice.. Let me answer some questions asked here regarding this.

Spike is about 1 1/2 yrs old. He is acting normally.. Last nite he got into this BIG grooming feast with his brother Buddy then after 5-10 minutes, they started wrestling and I could tell he was really enjoying it.. (I was enjoying it myself! )

Did you ask the vet about compressing the lump?
I am not aware of that option of compressing the lump. Could you clarify what that exactly entails- its benefits, what the process is, etc?

I have thought LONG AND HARD about this and I have decided to wait a few days to let him "recover" from the needle aspiration (especially since he's acting fine) and next week take him to another vet for a 2nd opinion and see if she says the same thing as the 1st vet.

Again, I really appreciate all ur support during this time. It has been (and still is) a difficult time for me with Spikey... I will be keeping a very CLOSE EYE on him for the next couple days. Poor Spikey- he probably will be wondering what the heck is wrong with his mommy since I will be following him to the litterbox, examining his "presents" in the litterbox, watching his eating/drinking habits and checking his lump frequently!
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Like many others here, I suggest you get the biopsy done. Don't take the risk. If there's nothing to worry about at least you will have peace of mind, and even in the worst case scenario (although I really hope not) this way you can start to get treatment for Spike as soon as possible.

I say this because our vet thought our dear little Jeffrey might have a tumour on his liver and said we should just leave it. But I couldn't bear the thought of just waiting around for him to get sick if there was something we could have done, so I insisted that this wasn't good enough. I asked her if it was a tumour would she be able to cut it out. She agreed she might be able to if it wasn't too deeply embedded. So she opened him up and had a look and it turned out to be nothing of the sort - just some sort of mass, possibly corona virus related (but that's for another post!). But at least we know now. Otherwise we'd still be sitting here agonising and waiting for him to get sick, when in reality, we have now been able to rule out cancer/a tumour which is such a HUGE relief.

If the lump goes away on its own then that's fantastic, but don't wait too long... Lots of good luck to you and Spike!
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I DEFINITELY won't wait too long. As I said recently, I will set up an appt with another vet next week to have the lump looked at to be safe. I know what you mean about worrying.. I am still worrying about Spike even though he's acting just fine (being very fiesty with me this morning! Got some fresh scratches from him.. )
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