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Hallelujah !

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edited out
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That was beautiful Blue!!!!!!!!!! It sounds like you are really, truely in love!!!!! What beautiful poetry you make!!! It obviously comes from the heart........I hope you will send me copy of your book when you are done with it!

Oh and by the way,,,,,,, glad to have you back!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Hey Blue,

Not that I don't appreciate the artistry of your words, but being an information monger, could I get some details about Mr. Right in prose?
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Dearest blue; You shine; you glo, BUT The "Facts" behind the aura we are "Dying" to know. . . . . .

I wish your cup to "Overflow" with happiness!

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hmmm... details, eh ? let's see, what are ya'll dying to know ?

ask me anything.
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Blue; I take it that this LOVE is NOT Cameron. . . . ? How did you meet? Is he older? Canadian? Are you "living" with him; or soon to be (I hope for your sake)
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The BIG questions here is "Does he have a divorced father, or single brother, uncle, grandfather, friend???????" Come on girl, friends share, don't ya know.

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Oh Blue!!!!!!! I am SO HAPPY for you!!! You deserve to finally be so happy!!!! I would love for you to share a picture of him with us, so we know what the love of your life looks like! And bring him on here and introduce him some time!!
Does he know how protective we all are of you?
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Ok, that satisfied me for now. Next question: are you ever coming back to hang around, or are you just going to be goopy, drippy in love forever?
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I wanna be goopy, drippy in love forever

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Me too Donna!!!!!! And I am married! I love him but it is not goopy, drippy........
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"Aint love Grand" Blue so happy for you. All the best to you both.

Debby I know the feeling and thats the thing when you are married for a while. Its not so goopy and drippy anymore.
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I was out running errands! call me tomorrow!
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If I happen to drop dead while viewing the yet-to-be-posted pictures of Mr. Right, my attorney will be contacting you.

Get out there and sell apples or something. You need to be back on this site.
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Yeah, what Deb25 said!! We'll miss you so hurry up and come back.


Uh, mentioning my name and personality to his brothers would be greatly appreciated! Pictures!! We need pictures!

Ta-ta for now!

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Blue.....I can't wait to see pictures of this drop dead gorgious man!! I would love that! (err, that is, to see pics of him, not to drop dead! :laughing: although I know there is at least one person in the world who would prefer I did!!) :tounge2:

I am so glad you are happy, and I hope that someday maybe I will have the chance to be as lucky as Colby, and get to talk to you!
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