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Kitty kays on her back and rolls from side to side

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Kitty lays on her back and rolls from side to side. She does this everytime we come home, but if you pet her tummy she thinks it's play time and aggressivily attacks my hand if I pet her any longer than breifly. She dosen't break skin but can get rather aggresive. Help
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Yeah, that can sometimes be a problem. Cats do this to show that they are happy to see you and very content. However it does not mean pet me. It looks like it, but it's usually not the case. I would just kinda roll her over and pet her sides or back. Even just to pet her head would be fine. Then you can greet her without having to get torn up. Most cats dont like their belly's rubbed, only a select handful actually like it.
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Thanks, However Kitty DOES like to get her belly rubbed. But, only when SHE is in the mood.
I tried to pet her side, she rolled to play just like before. Same thing with petting her head.
I think Kitty's nuts! Very loveable, but nuts just the same.

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Yeah, cats are like that. Thats why I like them so much. They have a personality of their very own. If she likes her belly rubbe, then when she attacks, then I would back up and walk away. She may eventually get the idea that when she uses you as a play toy that you leave. Good luck with it.
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Thanks, I did what you originaly said to do and she seemed less aggressive. I was told by my wife I should let you know that sometimes I'll encourage aggressive behavior while playing with her. I have calloused hands and so most of her bites or scratches don't bother me physically. But I don't want her to act that way with the childeren or anyone else. She is usually very loving with everybody.
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My husband did the same thing with our first few cats. It's hard because we want to interact with them. I had to train him to use the teasers and such to play with them. I really had to crack down with him and the dog!! If you keep working with her, then she will get the idea. She sounds like one of our cats. Cats who lay on their backs really trust their owners, so you should feel really good about that!!
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My cat is also really aggressive like that. He'll lay on his back and look so peaceful, but then attack my hand and arm as soon as I get near him. It really doen't bother me, because I play fight with him all the time. But it's gotten to where I can't even approach him without being attacked. He doesn't seem to know the difference between playtime and play nice time!
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Sometimes cats who want their bellies rubbed and love the attention end up getting over stimulated with the play and/or tummy rubs and that is why they bite. I have a few cats who will do this and I usually put my other hand on the scruff of their neck and push down gently. When they release my other hand I give them a head pat and walk away to allow them time to chill out.
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