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Garfield...... The Movie!?

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I was at the theater the other day and noticed signs for "Garfield the Movie". Of course, they depicted poor Garfield in a static cling window ad that had him in the famous "car-window" suction cup thingie pose (LOL does that make sense?). It always bums me out when they make movies like this because I feel like they are going to ruin the true spirit of Garfield (like they did poor Scooby-doo last year...).

So what do you think..... will it have potential or will it turn the name Garfield into a sad memory of a flopped movie?
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I saw the ad last time I was at the movies. I'm not impressed. I've always enjoyed the comic strip but I think the movie will just ruin it, so I doubt I'll go see it.
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I saw the trailer online about a month ago, people were making fun of it on another forum. It looks completely bottom of the barrel.

The actual comic hasn't been funny for a long time now, but the older editions were pretty great. For kitty laughs I'd rather read Get Fuzzy now.
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OMG! Garfield, I have everything garfield, videos,toys,phone,clocks the lot.. i worship him, I hope the movie comes out soon!
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I always liked the cartoon and the comic strip, but the movie doesn't sound like it would be that great. They probably should have just left it alone.
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Check it out!
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No offence to you Sam, but that movies looks cheesy.
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Haha non taken Shawna. I guess I'm just a die hard garfield fan and need to see it, just to say I have, am I the only one interested? lol
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I'm really interested but I sure hope garfield doesn't look like the intro cat on that site. I guess I'm a die-hard retro Garfield fan. I'll probably rent the movie if it's like the intro but if it's old cartoon style then I'll definitely go see the movie.
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I've just checked out the trailer on the site and Garfield IS the computer generated kitty from the intro. I don't know if I'll go and see it, there isn't enough info on the site yet.
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