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I was hoping it wasn't the food..

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... it looks like Mabel is allergic to the diet food

I had hoped it wasn't the case, even ignored the fact that her skin was flaky and itching her. Her eyes started to get runny, and I was hoping it was just the fact that the heater was running more. Two days ago I noticed a small scab near her ear and tonight she's got the scabs in front of her ear. I am so upset, I was hoping that she'd lose some weight on this food... and she liked it! Alas, I've put her back on her old food, I hope she feels better soon.

I guess I'll skip the diet food and try increasing her wet food instead.
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Do you know for a fact it is the food? Or are you just guessing? Has she been to the vets to be seen recently? Did he do a skin scraping and look for mites under the microscope? Of course if you take the food away and she does get better, than you have your answer, but if the symptoms persist, please take her in to be checked out.
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Well, she's had an allergic reaction to a different kind of food before (about 3 months ago), and the scabby ears looked the same (the vet had checked them out... I had thought it was my other cat scratching her and had no idea she had allergies). These symptoms have all started since I switched her food 2 weeks ago. I'm going to see if they clear up now and if not she'll definately go to the vet. I guess I'm just a bit bummed over the ordeal since I had high hopes on this diet.
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I know that when I feed my crew anything with corn in it, one of my cats Kahuna has a real problem with it. He starts itching like crazy and losses his skin, and so I switch back to their normal food for his sake. I hope you find a food that works and stops this situation from occurring and still takes weight off you cat safely.
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Thanks Hissy, hopefully I'll find something that works for her. I'll probably keep her on her old food for a little bit until she gets better. She's such a picky cat and combined with allergies and a sensitive stomach, it's always hard to find a good working combination, but I remain hopeful!
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Have you looked at Sensible Choice? It only has one meat protein and one grain protein (rice), which makes it really good for pets with allergies and sensitive stomachs.

We switched our dog to this and he hasn't had an upset tummy since!

They have a reduced calorie formula too. Their products have no corn, wheat, soy, or by-products. Here's their website.

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Thanks Octoberdana,

I've picked up a bag of Sensible Choice, however my cat has decided that it's not edible for some reason

I've tried Eukanuba Weight Management too, but she's allergic to that as well.
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It took my finicky cat a few days to adjust to Sensible Choice. Maybe you could get some cheap food that she likes and mix a little bit of it up with the Sensible Choice. That seemed to work for me.
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