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Is there anything going on with penpals again? It was over in December right? Is there anyone managing it again?
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I was wondering the same thing.
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I have also been wondering that. I even think the last penpal period was over at the end of Novenber.
I´d be very happy to take over the managing part, if the job is open for new management
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Someone said they were organising a christmas one..
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The last one was Dragon Lady. I would suggest someone email her or PM her and ask her to pass the torch to the next willing victim.....er.... I mean volunteer!
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Originally posted by WellingtonCats
Someone said they were organising a christmas one..
I was gonna volunteer to do the Christmas thing, but understood that someone was allready on that one, which might have been some misunderstanding, since there was no Christmas thing in the end. Even though it is January, I would be happy to do the next Christmas thing when that time comes!
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yayi the board started awhile ago, a penpal program where people signed up, and got the names of other interested members and would then mail their penpal something small once a month, or send a card, or a funny email, or just something to brighten their day. Then the next time, I think it was extended to something sent once every three months, and the person organizing it could change the rules to whatever she wished (within reason) It started out strong, then sort of dissapated, because like other bulletin boards, this one has a revolving membership and people move on in life, or find other places to go. There will always be a core of members here, some of us have been here a long time, and others just arrived, but they like it enough to know they will be old-timers themselves one day.

So this thread is another attempt to jump-start this idea.
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