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strange day

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Well - mine started bad with a hell of a migraine that kept me in bed until nigh on 11am and not what I wanted at all to start my sunday off. However, by 11.00 I felt a bit better and able to see enough to be able to get my wife to the shopping centre where I had a strange urge to go to. Whilst there, I veered our way over to the hair salon and to much protest, I got her sat down after telling her that an appointment was booked and already paid for. She looked real wierd at me. You have to understand Carol has long golden hair and has wanted somehing doing with it for ages. However, its would cost a small mortgage to have it cut the way she wanted.
I went off with Christopher and managed to kill about an hour and a half - walking slowly and having some fun (or as much as you can when getting over a migraine). It was good having some time with him on his own to talk. We went to mcDonalds and had dinner - well he did!
Then when we returned, Carol was nigh on finished and looked incredible and she now has what she has wanted for a long time with the new style.
Then off to the lingerie shop La Senza and she left a while later following her spend of a good few ££.
It cost her absolutely nothing.
She did get the information out of me where I got the cash and had already prepaid. Well I did the burglar alarm last weekend for a neighbour and they were quoted hundreds. The materials cost less than a hundred - I installed it for free as long as the kettle stays on - thats my deal.
Anyway, the house owners caught me a couple of days ago and gave me an envelope - they told me they knew I did not want anything for the alarm, however, I could treat myself to somethings with these vouchers which they had brought for me as a way of saying thanks.
So, I used them on carol instead.
Tonight, she has some new and great lingerie (and I have a headache - can you believe it!!!) and she has the hair style she always wanted.
Was a good but strange day.....
off to bed at 20.10 to rest and kick this sucker once and for all. Day 4 - still dieting...
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That is not a strange day, that was special. Any woman likes to be pampered once in a while and Carol will appreciate you more for it. Bless you.
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I loved that description of your day Kev.

How lovely of you to treat Carol to a special day like that. Kudos to you buddy! and I hope you feel better soon. *hugs*

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That sounds like a great day! (except for the migraine, of course) I'm sure your wife appreciated it. Don't worry, you'll get to make the most of that lingerie sometime soon, I'm sure!

Here's hoping you get over the migraine!
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Kev, you should give classes to other guys in how to treat women!! Carol is a very lucky lady to have you.
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Originally posted by Mom of 10 Cats
Kev, you should give classes to other guys in how to treat women!! Carol is a very lucky lady to have you.
Amen to that! Kev you're such a romantic...if only more men were like you! Maybe you should do some Romance Seminars?

BTW, it kind of sounds like your migraine might have been triggered from the new diet. Did you drink a lot of caffeinated drinks before & now have cut them out? If so, it sounds like you're body is needing the caffeine & therefore it's getting you back with this headache.
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I agree to what they say...Carol is a lucky woman.. the next time i get a boyfriend, i'll send him to you for classes!
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kev, you are such a sweetie! Your wife is a lucky woman. You can tell her that dozens of women on TCS will confirm that, but I am sure she needs no confirnation.
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