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Hi Everyone :)

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Im Dana , Mom to 4 Married and owned by Patches we live in Vermont . Patches came to us as a stray we live in a multi family home . I saw the cat outside for a few months before we took her in I thought she belonged to "someone" it became apparent she didnt she was all matted flea ridden etc , about 3 weeks ago she was in our hall meowing very loudly . I got up walked to the door and realized why am I opening the door lol ...Well I did open the door in she pranced and in shes been ever since . We have taken her to the vet twice she had a rabies shot a distemper shot a flea treatment an exam dewormer and a belly shave to check for spay marks , the second time she had the kitty cancer and kitty Aids test both negitive. next up is a kitty cancer shot and being spayed.

I was afraid to take in a stray so may germs so much could be wrong and break the childrens and adults hearts , what if the "owner" came back , it also ment a large fund output between the vet , a 50$ a month rent increase and a security deposit increase .......but you know what? it was totally worth it , If I had it to do all over again I would have done it sooner.

We named her Patches she is a female calico torti , they place her at about 1 yr old my husband decided to give her the birthday of 1/1/03 the kids want to have a party , she is a love ! 3 of our 4 children are special needs Patches is wonderful with them . Patches is getting spoiled too lol she has more mice than we can count (Last Vet visit my husband felt so bad for her he bought her 2 more mice and a ball ) weve tied the mice to long strings she runs after the children while they pull the string , she has a special bed a scratching post our friend got her a gift of a I dont know what to call it its round sits on the floor has cardboard in the middle with a track that a ball sits in that she bats around , we got her a beastie band collar and I had a tag made for her thats a heart with her name on the front and our name address and phone number on the back . of course she has food dishes which I didnt like the color so I decroated them with butterfly decals and a litter pan. We have choosen to put her on Blue Seal Cat Food.

The picture Im linking to was taken yesterday it our daughter Erin age 5 who loves to dress like a princess tucking in Patches and reading her a book


Thanks for listening
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Welcome to the site Dana! It sounds like Patches was just what you needed to "complete" your family. Animals have such a special relationship with special (needs) people, it's really amazing to me how much empathy and patience an animal of "lower intelligence" than humans has.
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Welcome to TCS and my congrats on you wondeful loving snuggle kitty .
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Welcome to the board Dana. Your picture is priceless! You can tell that Patches is a very lucky kitty!
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Welcome to TCS.... Dana and Patches!!
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Welcome to TCS Enjoy your stay.
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A big welcome from the UK
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Welcome Dana, Patches looks a cutie!!

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Welcome to TCS, what a cute kitty patches is.
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Welcome!! I took in a stray cat about 6 months ago and I haven't regretted my decision. She's a great companion (1.5 years old estimated) and helps to get my lazy butt up for work every morning too!!!
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Welcome to the site Dana and thank you for welcoming Patches into your home
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welcome to TCS....
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Hi and welcome to TCS Dana and family.
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Patches is a cutie!
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