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Handsome boy!

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I was taking a series of pix, of Rowdy, the other night. Buddy was on the couch, next to me and got jealous. He began squeaking indignantly so, I had to take his picture, too. This one shows how nicely his bib has fluffed out, this winter.
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he is gorgeous
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What a handsome boy: He looks like my Tink that has cross the bridge some years ago.
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Rowdy is a very handsome boy!!
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OMG what a handsome boy!! I LOVE that little black goatie on his chin!!
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I love his little black goatie too! He's very handsome!
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I find that goatee charming, too. If hadn't already had a suitable name, I would have dubbed him "Maynard G. Krebs", after Bob Denver's beatnik character on "Dobie Gillis".
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He looks exactly like my dads flatmates cat BJ.. How gorgeous is Buddy!
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He is so cute.....
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What a handsome boy, indeed!! LOVE that fluffy bib.
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What a handsome boy.
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Oh my goodness, he's adorable!
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I just love his markings!!
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