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Someone Help!!!

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I am at work and my SO just called me to tell me that he found peices of glass from a light bulb all over the bedroom. We think that our little blade ate it but we are not sure! We can't afford to take him to the Vet ER because they are way to outragious more so since they are the basis of the Animal Planets Emergency vets show. we can wait and try to get him into a vet tomorrow but I don't want to make a mistake!! is there any kind of things I should have SO watch for? I had him look over Blade for any signs of bleeding in the mouth area. But i don't know what else to have him look for! If it gets to the point where there is signs of something REALLY bad with him I will get him to the ER but I would much rather wait for a vet that excepts payment plans. Please someone help me out here!!
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well I guess that's what I get for working nights.....no one's here. Guess I will just have to let it go and see what happens. atleast until tomorrow when I can get him toa normal vet. I pray that he's ok.
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I'm sorry, I can't tell you to do any more than you've already done.

Why do you think he ate some of the glass? If you're pretty sure he did, I'd bite the bullet & take him to the ER. If not, I'd say do what you're doing & watch for any unusual behavior.

I sure hope he's allright.

Anyone else with any ideas?

I'm not usually up this late - having an insomniac attack.
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only reason I think he did is because he is a kitten that enjoys chewing!! He will chew on anything! So naturally asume the worse but expect the best! There is no real signs of him eatting it just that it's all over the bedroom and a few peices by the front door. which isn't close to the bedroom. I am hoping he was just playing with the peices. it will be much easier for me to deal with then if he actually ate some of it. But the cost of 500 bucks just for walking in the door is a bit much for my current money situation. Already 6,000 in debt to hospital for myself. Man I wish I was rich!!!

Thanks for replying I was beginning to lose my mind!
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Sorry I just saw this. If you cat did eat some glass, there could be damage done not only to his mouth and gums but possibly to his internal organs. I would be surprised if he chewed on glass, but anything is possible, and if you have the privilege of having one of those emergency vets at your disposal (expensive or not) it would be worth it to call them at least so they can let you know what you can do for the cat and what you need to watch out for. I would check the pads of the feet for cuts, and look between the toes for shards of glass.Use a flashlight to look.
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Well imagine that. My SO has decided to go to bed. SOOOOO that means that if something does go wrong with him we won't know until after 6:30 in the am when I get home. I swear! he calls me all panicy and wants to run him to the ER but I tell him to hold off and watch him for awhile and whats he do goes to sleep. I guess I will be doing a hugh once over on him when I get home. Until then Pray that he's ok.

Thank you for your advice. I just hope that my SO atleast keeps an Ear open for anything unuseal with the kitten.
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Well This vet is the one that the show Emergancy Vets is taped at well one of the 2. and once they started getting popular because of the show they boosted their rates. No worries about checking. except it's all going to have to wait for 4 and half hours till I get home. since butthead decided to go to bed I have alot of work to do so hopefully that will keep my mind off of it until I get off. Then we will see. I will post an update Tuesday night when I get back to work. anyway! Sleep well and thank you!
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Clearly this may be too late to do much good but - it is much more likely your kitty was playing with the glass, not eating it. (It could happen but just not a classic "cat thing" to do.)
At this point, feed the cat hoping that if there are any glass shards they will get caught up with the food & move along safely. with dogs that eat ornaments (think Lab here : ) you can feed them cotton balls with a touch of oil to catch the glass fragments.Check your kitty'a feet carefully for any glass splinters & look in the mouth & on the tongue. Lightbulb glass is very sharp & with no blood or cuts on the mouth it seems unlikely any was consumed. Please let us know how your cat does!
Deb E
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Deb just for clarification? You can feed dogs cotton balls with oil on them you meant? Or can you do that for cats as well?
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I just read this, how's kitty doing??
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Any news???
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Well after a full body search when I got home from work and closely watching him. I think he was just playing with the glass batting it around. No cuts no blood 100% ok. I am pretty sure he didn't eat it now. But still watching him and his Litter box to be safe. So it seems to be all good.

Thanks everyone for your thoughts and suggestions.
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That's good - I'm glad he's OK!
Thanks for the update
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