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Our Daily Thread for Friday******

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It is 6:00 a.m when I reach the tail-head. Kenai jumps out of the truck, she is ready for action. Her tail is held high, ears are perked and since the oppressive heat of the day hasn't hit yet, the air is still cool from the night. I lock the truck, grab my can of Mace, and off we go searching for better trails on which to take my horse.

The trail is flat, Cascade Timber has come in long ago and beaten out the path to the big trees. The way is rocky and I see bird tracks scattered in the dirt. Up ahead, are a few jackrabbits, but my command to Kenai, one that she knows well "NO CHASE!" is obeyed and the rabbits scurry off unmolested into the underbrush. Kenai turns to look at me with her soulful German Shepherd eyes, as if to say, "Please Mom? Just one chase?" I laugh, reach down and pet my obedient hound, and throw her a nearby stick instead. She dearly loves to run.

Now the trail takes a somewhat steep ascent. I look up the trail and consider going home, my legs aren't what they used to be, and by the time I get to the top of trail, I will be puffing like a steam engine! But, the trail is shaded at the moment in the shadows of the tall pines, so I decide that I can do this climb. Kenai's tail is waving a short distance ahead, so making that my focal point, I forge ahead.

I notice there are animal bones stripped of meat and bleached in the sun scattered about, and there is a pale lump of something off to the side of the path. I whistle Kenai to my side, put her on the heel command and together we cautiously approach the object.

At first I have a hard time discerning what it is I am seeing. But as we come up on it, I can tell it is the remains of a porcupine that must of met with a creature mightier than it's elaborate defense shield. It has been there for quite some time, the bones have pulled away in weather and the quills are dried and almost turn to dust at my touch.†Poor thing,†I mutter to myself. I have always admired porcupines. Kenai and I continue on, and I utter a prayer thanking God that the remains are not fresh, so the threat is no longer present.

I finally reach the top, and yes, just like I feared, I am blowing like a steam engine. I stop to catch my breath and gaze out on the vista below. As far as my eye can see, there are pine trees and spruces stretching their branches to the sky. Lupine, mustard grass, wildflowers pop their heads out everywhere. The path curves downward and vanishes into the shaded forest. The dirt vanishes and is now a carpet of moss, and spring grasses. I whistle to Kenai who has discovered something interesting under a rock, and off we go.

Jackrabbits scurry off the path and out of sight. Birds startled by our approach take wing, and it is a peaceful time of reflection and thought. There is another curve in the trail and again, the trail leads up yet another hill. "Great", I mutter to myself, "now my legs will really love me in the morning!" But it is such a nice morning and I don't want to turn back now. I check my watch and see that we have been walking for an hour! Where has the time gone? Kenai is now staying by my side, I noticed she was on high alert, but I assumed that the passing scent of skunk we kept encountering was reminding her of the times she decided to mess with the wild babies I’ve had in my care in the past.

Before we got to the top of the rise, I heard something that I could not place. A sound, a hollow sound, like a whistle, or a soft roar, or the gentle whoosh of the waves when they hit the sand. I stopped to listen, to try and define this unique noise. Kenai stopped and her ears were up, the ruff on the back of her neck was also up and she was on full alert. She had even stopped panting, as if she was trying to help me and be quiet while I identified the sound. I stood and listened and the sound got louder, but not nearer. I hadn't a clue what it was, or even how to describe it, so very slowly, I continued my way up the hill.

At the last curve before we reached the top, I saw him. A huge buck, he was standing there majestic with his rack spread out. From his many points, I knew he was an old gent, who had somehow managed to escape all the hunters and trappers. His coat was flecked with sweat. He had run quite a ways, and the sound I heard, was his breathing. His sides heaved in and out, and his nostrils flared. Kenai growled, and I quietly told her to "QUIT!" The old gent lowered his head slowly until it was just inches from the ground. Then he shook his mighty rack in defiance of our intrusion. I grabbed Kenai's collar and slowly, we backed away. Before he vanished from sight, this old man of the forest lifted his head and relaxed his posture and out of the trees trotted a doe and a late fawn. I stopped transfixed and watched this family move off at a quick pace, leaping over logs and vanishing instantly. All that was left was the sound I heard before, of the old gent blowing in the wind.

Quietly, I turned around and told Kenai, "Come on girl, it's time to go home." We headed back to the truck away from this magical place.
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Your experience sounds absolutely magnificant!! What a fabulous writer you are!!! While I was reading I felt like I was seeing everything as you saw it. Thank you for sharing your beautiful experience with us - it makes me long for the great outdoors and the weekend. Woohoo it's Friday!!!!
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Wow, Hissy, that was absolutely beautiful. Isn't it amazing what God has created. Thank you for that wonderful story. It must be nice to live someplace so beautiful and full of nature.
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well nothing that exciting going on here in concrete suburbia!

Robert came back for the weekend last night, and it was so nice to have him here, as this is the first time he's come back for a visit since May.

we went shoping today & Robert bought himself a playstation 2 with all the bells & whistles and some brand new running shoes. I got some Steve Maddon black ankle boots that were normally $100 for $44. I designer show warehouse!!!! If you have one near you, go go go!!!!!

tomorrow night is madonna, and I'm pretty excited about that.

hope everyone is having a great day!
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She is pretty awesome in an of herself! Have a great time and let us know all about it when you return!
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you know, I am really excited, but she doesn't do hardly any of her old stuff. It's mostly her from her last 2 albums, Music & Ray of light. she does do 'secret' and 'la isla bonita' but that is pretty much it.

no 'papa don't preach' 'like a virgin' 'true blue' 'express yourself' 'vogue' 'like a prayer' 'material girl' 'rain' 'justify my love' or anything!

but it is still a huge deal to see her in concert since this is her first in 8 years and it could be her last.

I will let you guess know how it is. who knows Hissy, I'm sure I'll see some wild animals there!
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Ooh AP! I would LOVE to see Madonna in concert. Oh and Hissy.. I absolutely love nature, hiking, and animals.. especially horses. I've wanted one all my life.. but we were never able to have any because my family has always been dirt poor. So I've made it my goal.. to get a good career going.. buy some property and have a horse ranch one day.

One day.. I *WILL* have my own horse.

Btw Hissy.. I would love to see pictures of some of your babies (all animals included) and maybe some of the beautiful land up there in Oregon too. I've never been there.. but Craig is from there and he says that Oregon is absolutely beautiful and he LOVES it. He has such great taste in stuff like that.. I know that it has to be gorgeous.

How has my Friday been?? Hmm.. well I woke up to Bastian on my cheat.. Jake on one side.. and Craig on the other.. all three kissing me or hugging me in some form. Thats always a plus! Craig took the day off and is working from home.. so we stayed here and goofed around for a while.. now he's getting ready (we're going out to dinner.. and I'm all spiffied up). I love going out to dinner... especially if its a really nice resturant.
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My idiot lawn guy sent me an email and quit on me. So, since my lawn is about 4 ft high waiting for him to come, I didn't have time to shop around for a new guy. I bought a lawn mower instead. There goes my entire annual raise.
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