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Quick Question

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Just a quick question that I'm sure almost everyone can answer but I'm still pretty new so I'm not sure.
How do you get those cute little pictures under your user name?
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Go to the top and click on "user cp". Click on "edit options". Scroll down and click onto "change avatar". Choose avatar. Click "submit modifications".

Good luck.
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Thanks Donna, I was feeling kind of "naked" without a picture, everyone else has one!
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Now all I need is a few more posts so that I can change it! Thanks for your help!
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Bastetca; You did an EXCELLENT job with the Avatar. I don't remember welcoming you, but then; I am old and tend toward senility. . . . . If I did this before, just ignore me. If not, welcome to the CAT SITE family! I look forward to hearing from you often. :pinky::jarswim:
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Speaking from experience, they're called "Senior Moments". I get them alot.

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Donna; "Senior Moments" I'll have to remember that. (is that an Oximoronto talk of "senility" and "remembering" in the same sentence? ) I know I am in "Excellent Company" if you have them too!
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Less refined - but because I work with the elderly population all day we tend to call them 'brain farts' around the office!
Hope I am not being offensive.

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Bastetca......in case I didn't get the chance to welcome you already.....welcome to the site!!!
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Dear Bestetca :angel2:

Looks like a lot of us haven't had the chance to give you a proper "welcome"! So, Welcome to the CATSITE

Please post a pic of your kitty/kitties (that's if they're not shy of course)
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A strong probability exists that I haven't welcomed you to The Cat Site. Therefore. . . .


Now, a question: I get the "Bastet" part of your user name, you Egyptologist you, but what's the "CA" part all about? Is it "Canada" or what?

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Very observant Mr. Cat! Not too many people know that the CA on the end of my name means Canada! Bastet is often taken as a username by the time I get to a site so I just add my own personal touch too it!
I'd like to thank everyone for welcoming me to this site! So far everyone has been very helpful and I'm really enjoying it here!
I'm going to get pictures of my kitty up here when I get them put on disk!
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BastetCA; Are you an Egyptologist? OR
just an Egypt Buff ? I love learning about ancient Egypt. I have all the Discovery Channel Egypt special on tape. Perhaps it was their love o cats that first attracted me. . . . :egypt:
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Dear Darlene :angel2:

The Egyptians were/are so facinating! I love watching the Discovery Channel...about ancient Egypt especially and how they worshipped the cat. It's an incredible study.

I found two of the most interesting sites I thought maybe some may like to visit:



Love &
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Thank you for the references to those two excellent web-sites about ancient Egypt! I've downloaded the senet game!


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