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hymalayan cats

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do all hymalayan cats have like one certain person in their house that they will attach themselves too? do all of them have strange ways? i would like to know more about them.
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Do you know what a persian is like? Well their personality is exactly the same(based on my experiences) I have never seen a himilayin "attach" itself to a single person.. but maybe Cindy can tell you a bit more about that. Do you have one?
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Oh and one more thing, What do you mean by strange ways?
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i do own a hymalayan cat. thats why i was wondering about their ways.
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I'm not sure perhaps you could ask the breeder you brought her from or perhaps you could search on the net.
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what i mean by strange ways is only staying in 2 rooms of my house. she wont go any where else. i have had her almost a year.she seems real happy living here. a relative gave her to me.
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Do you have any pictures of her?

What color is she?

Is she social?
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some people she is scared of and some she isnt. she is white with a black face ,like a mask.i am new on here so i dont have any pics yet of her on here.
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Thanks for the confidince Sam ! Lets see, currently have five, and bred the little rascals for almost ten years, and I have to say that each one has their own personality and temperment. 1. Rusty, a seal male, loving, not afraid of strangers, very social. 2. Babycakes, a tortie female, very social and loving, not easily scared (except for small children)but she is very much a "Daddy's little girl". She wants me to feed her, but otherwise, she's HIS cat. 3. Heifer-cat, a blue point male, very nervous,terrified of strangers, including my mom who raised him, he's mine and ALL mine. 4. Yum-yum, a flame point female, who by far is the most trusting kittycat I've ever seen. When she was smaller, I could take her to the vet w/out a leash or carrier. She's whoever is loving her at the moment cat. 5. Rurnt, aka, Twinkletoes, a tortie female , definitely my cat, not Charlies. Rusty, Babycakes and Yum all want to be wherever you are in the house. Rurnt and Hef tend to stay in just one room, they'll change what room that is occasionally, but they don't follow you thru the house.
I should add that loud strangers do tend to upset my kitties to an extent, but that is largely due to the fact that its just me and the hubby at home, and both of us have very soft voices, so it's something that they aren't used to.
Does this help? It turned out to be longer than I intended, but once I got started I just couldn't stop myself! If you have any more questions, just yell, someone will try to answer them.
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First let me say welcome! Hope to see pictures soon!

I'd say it's more that each cat has their own personality. Himmies are Persians. My Persians are all very different from each other as far as personality. I have some that seem to bond with anyone and maybe one who attaches herself to one person only. I think you could say the same for almost any breed.
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I totally forgot about welcoming you to the site.

Does she have a seal colored tail as well as paws? That would be a true Pointed. Hmmm I think your cat just had a bad case of personality She sounds gorgeous. and BTW you don't need to me a member who's been here awhile to post pictures, anyone can.. if you need help with posting pictures, feel free to email me at captivating@xtra.co.nz What's your kittys name?

I hope in someway one of us has helped, but like as Cindy said, just holla if yo' need some help!

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I have a picture of her (Skittles is my sister). The cat's name is Sadie. She is a beautiful cat.

*Consider this picture to be posted by Skittles.*
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OMG what a beauty

I have 3 persian cat and all 3 are different in their personality . Cookie my red persian is more the shy one and it took him month after I got him from the rescue to come out of my bedroom . Only nights he come out when everything is quiet . Olie my black persian is out going but kind of shy with laud noises . Now Ginger my calico persian is totaly out going and people friendly . She constandly is purring when held or when we pet her . So your cat is totaly normal and very beautiful .
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Sadie is a very pretty girl. Thanks for posting her picture Lisa.
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Beautiful Himmie !
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