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What are some of the craziest things your cat has done?

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One of my cats "Sadie" eats on top of the bar like a "queen" as my son says. She has to jump on the couch to the bar stool and then to the counter. Since she has no front claws (when she was given to me), she slid off the table all the way back on the floor where she started from!She still falls off every now and then!
Another weird thing she does is when I talk to her, she stops for a minute, looks strait in my eyes and starts scratching!
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Hey Skittles! How ya' doing sis'?

Stinkie is always doing crazy things. The latest crazy thing he did is probably kiss a mouse on the head and then just turn around and walk away. He didn't even really try to kill it. He's a lover, not a fighter. I have to take up for him. He also falls off of the counter at least once a month.
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Mr. Underfoot has a fetish for rubber exercise bands - the surgical tubing type. He seems to think they're alive - he'll get really excited when I bring one out, catch it and run off with it to chew on it, trying to hide b/c he knows I'll take it away. I can hide them in a closed drawer or closet, even inside a container, and he'll still somehow know where they are (smell?) and get to them & chew on them some more. I've actually given up on keeping any in the house, b/c he always manages to find them no matter where I try to hide them.
He's one very determined cat - he can open just about any kind of door, cabinet, or container if there's something in it that he wants.

Felixia loves football games on TV - I think she thinks the football players are little mice, & tries to swat at them on the TV screen. She's the only TV-watching cat - she loves anything with lots of motion.
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Gus will only drink water from a bowl on the nite table beside my bed. I can leave a full clean bowl with his food and he won't touch it, has to be on the nite table and has to be drunk at 3am. The weirdest thing he did: he adopted me by jumping up 6 feet to the window ledge off my kitchen, ripping the screen off the window padding through the house and making himself at home on my bed. All in the middle of the night, I though someone was breaking into my house and almost died of fright. We've been best friends for 12 years.
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Talk about demanding! Thats a sweet story.
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Demanding is his middle name, he's definitely an "in your face" kind of cat.
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These stories are great! Of the kitties I have now, Max is the explorer. The funniest thing is when he tries to jump on something and misses. After he hits the floor, he looks around like "I hope nobody saw that!" I try not to laugh at him, because he seems self conscious!

When I was a girl, my cat Jake (R.I.P.) loved the character Grover from Sesame Street. Whenever Grover came on the TV he would run up to it and put his paws on the screen.
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JC has done a lot of crazy things. The funniest was when he was about 5 months old. He managed to open the cellar door (we now lock it) and "explore" a half-empty bag of charcoal left over from the B-B-Q season. When I got home, he was totally black, and there were little black paw prints and smudges on the walls, sofas, windows and TV set. Another time he climbed up the cork wallpaper in our hallway, all the way to the ceiling, and then yowled for help. Luckily he's too heavy to do that anymore.
One thing he still does that drives me crazy is to walk along the banister of our spiral staircase. He knows that's a real attention-getter.
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Jeepers climbs wallpaper too, but always manages to get down before my camera is ready!!! She also likes to climb the canvas wardrobe, she likes to hide behind the spare duvet up there lying in wait and leap off it on to the nearest avilable human!

She also loves water, she pesters me 20 times a day to turn the tap on for her. She always gets her head wet when she's trying to figure out where the water goes, she sticks her head right under the tap and doesn't even flinch. I hope she never grows out of loving water!
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I don't know if you would call them crazy, but each of my cats does things that are different or unique. Squirrel got her name, because even as a young kitten, she would go outside and retrieve walnuts and acorns. Mewing, she would bring them into the house, drop them at our feet and play fetch with us for hours (if we lasted that long) Her sister Taz (not to be outdone) brings in pieces of stucco, nails, screws, rubber thingies (she loves to get into the part where we haven't finished remodeling) and dig for things to bring us.

Kahuna will be dead silent all day, until we are ready to go to bed, then he will the minute i start turning down bedcovers, miraculously appear and meow the entire time I am busy getting ready for bed. Once the lights go out, he hops on the bed and licks my nose 3 times then goes and snuggles with MIKE! LOL

Kabota will come up to me and stop and sit at my feet. If I tell him okay, he will leap from the ground into my arms, snug his paws around my neck and hang on while I walk to the barn.

Noddy and her sisters will follow me out in the mornings when I do the feedings. It is so funny, Mike calls it the white kitten parade! We should sell tickets! Once I get to the hay barn, they scamper up to the top of hay loft and watch me as I get stuff ready to feed. Once I am done, they play tag in the rafters then come back in the house.

Bailey likes to lie in the horse feeding trough and bat at the horse's noses when they come to feed. He never unsheaths his claw, they have played like this since he was a kitten. He also likes to walk on them when they are laying down relaxing.

Cleo, when we see him in the yard and tell him hello, all I have to do is say "Cleo fall over" and he drops and rolls so I can stroke his belly.
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Last night, my Sadie did something completely zany!

Mum has been buying a lot of paper towel lately, as there's been a big sale this week. She had it stacked halfway up the wall in our basement, and Sadie hopped up on it. This allowed her to hop up onto the top of one of our bar stools, which allowed her to hop up on to the top of our open laundry room door! Now, this made it super-easy for her to jump up into our basement ceiling, on top of one of the furnace ducts.

Thankfully, my friend and I were in the basement watching movies. He had to hold up a laundry basket up to get her to jump down... lol. (I'm glad he's tall, because I'm certainly not. )

Sadie and Socks both enjoy the odd game of pool, as well. They will actually chase the balls into the holes, if you let them. Many a pool game at my house has been disrupted by them! Socks has a better technique, but Sadie's quicker, so they make a good team.
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This thread is a good one - lots of smiles & laughs!

Sylvestra & Mr. Underfoot are really characters...

Mr. Underfoot used to get really upset whenever I would run water for a bath or shower - I'd start the water running to get the right temperature, and when I'd start to step in the tub, he would "MEOW!" really loudly, as though he were saying "Don't go in there, it's WET!" and try to grab my hand with his mouth & pull me back out of the tub. Now he's finally become resigned to it, and just sits in the bathroom & watches me, looking at me like I'm nuts for wanting to be in water.

Sylvestra loves to be petted so much that she'll just come up and start petting herself under my hand, oozing under it and flopping around on top of it. If I move my hand away, she'll grab it & pull it to her face. She's been known to occasionally fall off furniture b/c she's so wrapped up in getting pets.

If Mr. Underfoot is in my lap (he pretty much takes up the entire lap) and she wants some attention, she'll just climb on top of him & lay down, and then get mad when she slides off.

And for some strange reason, whenever I talk on the phone she gets really excited and walks around under my feet meowing at full volume & wanting pets. You can hear her meowing in the background on my answering machine, too.
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It was pretty funny (after the fright!) when Noelle fell into the toilet as a kitten. The look on her little face was priceless... Since then, she's learned how to balance on the seat, if for some reason I forget to put the "lid" down.

She's also quite the climber... In my previous apartment, she loved climbing up the side of the doorway, and then get on top of the door if she could manage it. Sometimes she'd just get stuck half way up, and I had to go an rescue her, if I could stop laughing!

Vinka sometimes seems to get stuck. Since she's so big, she doesn't like jumping or climbing until she's had plenty of chances to make sure it's a safe place. Thus, she gets stuck in places, with her front paws on a table, say, and her back legs still on the couch. It's seems that she can't just step over, but once she's started to do that, it's almost impossible to jump the rest of the way.

Pretty soon after I got my new bed, sort of a sleeping loft thingy, the bed's on poles of about 5 feet, with my desk underneath Vinka got stuck again. Vinka was as usual walking on the desk while I was doing some work, and suddenly she reached up and grabbed the big 2 by 4 that runs along the middle of the bottom of my bed. She grabbed it, and... Was left hanging! The desk is not directly underneath that 2 by 4, so she couldn't get down, her back feet weren't touching the desk anymore. She was just swinging there, holding on with her front paws... It was hilarious! I did help her down, of course. Hasn't done that since.
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Scarlett loves goldfish crackers but will only eat them if you hold them by the tail in your mouth - she pulls them out, meows, jumps onto the floor and eats them there.

Muddy will jump from the floor into my arms and usually without warning. I have to think fast and catch him before he falls down - he never uses his claws and depends on me to catch him. I then take him over to the ceiling fan, where he'll lay in my arms while he bats at the pull chain with both arms.

Stumpy has once again shown his brilliant intelligence with the puppy. Puppy is 10 weeks old, still rowdy and tries to jump the cats. Stumpy trained him to control his behavior by batting him (hard at first) when he comes on too strong. Once Sam knew this was bad, Stumpy approaches him with a full head butt down his body, and Sam now GENTLY nuzzles up to Stumpy, licks him and puts his arm around him. If he goes to far, Stumpy whacks him again and Sam settles down. Stumpy will then lay on his back and let Sam stand over him and lick him. Sam is starting to ease up on all the cats (thanks to Stumpy and our redirection efforts). Eventually Stumpy will teach him to play in a controlled fashion like a cat - Stumpy LOVES dogs. Sam is starting to bat like a cat.
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Fawn is the one with the crazy bahaviours in our house.

I leave a bathrobe hanging on a hook in the bathroom. It clears the floor by 18 inches or so, depending how evenly it's hanging. Fawn jumps up into the middle of the folds of the robe (that is, between the robe and the wall) and grabs the robe with her claws, as high up as she can reach. Occasionally, if the robe is not too securely on the hook, she'll get a rude surprise and find herself on the floor covered with the robe. It takes her a day or so to resume the jumping bahaviour when that happens. She jumps up hanging bathtowels the same way, but not as often.

She also likes to sit in a just-used shower stall and meditate. She'll stay there for 15 or 20 minutes.

She's also part flying squirrel, I think, the way she takes the front stairs in one flying leap. She knows this is remarkable, too, because as she lands at the bottom, she does a rapid 180, jumps up onto the railing and locks eyes with whatever human happens to be handy, with "I'm CUTE, aren't I???" all over her face.

She's crazy enough for the lot.
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George: brought a big fat green frog into the house (concealed in his mouth) and dropped it (live and hopping) onto the hall carpet!

Morrell: threw a cat toy into the air intake of my furnace!

Molly: used to sleep in the bathroom sink (in her younger days)
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Although Rosie has fresh water everyday, the first thing she does in the morning, is to follow me to the bathroom, wrap her front paws around the tap and drink!.
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Solaman usually isn't very silly but he did somthing silly recently. We built him a cat tree and rubbed it with catnip when we were finished. He jumped up onto one of the perches and stared rolling all around and just fell off!! As if falling off once wasn't bad he jumped right up there and did it again and fell off.
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Saki likes to 'bap' the hair dryer cord when I'm drying my hair. He loves to sit and watch, and as the cord moves he goes BAP! BAP! with is paw like its an evil snake He also flys through the apt SO FAST sometimes I cant even believe it. It's like an obsticle course He also likes to put his mice in our shoes, and carry my slippers around the house

Zoey isnt very weird but I do like how whenever I come into the room she will get up and go 'BPRRRRRRRR!!' and run up to me to head bonk and give me love She also likes to chat with me, I can mimick her many chatty meows perfectly and she always responds and rolls over on her back and lays there and chatters with me
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When I take a bath, Cosmo comes in for a drink of water. He loves warm water... He laps away like it is the best thing in the whole world. .....
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Hmm, Let's see.

Lily: Pulls thumbtacks out of my bulletin board with her teeth. She has taught this bad habit to my newest cat Autumn. She also brings her little glitter balls into my bathtub to play with.

Autumn: Has done nothing crazy yet.

Blondie: Normal as they come. Sorry, she's the perfect cat.
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On Sunday I was watching PBS and they had this show on ravens. Leo sat down and was mesmorized with the TV. He never watches it with me! He just sat there and stared and he even got up and put his paw on the screen. My bf's mom was over and we were laughing so hard at him.
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