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Amy got cut, the one with the pink hair. I thought she was talented but I could tell she didn't connect with people much.

The shocker was LaToya was in the bottom three. But I think she will be around for awhile but I don't think she excites people. I mean she's gorgeous and talented but not unique really. So I think she will be gone within a few weeks actually.
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I was really surprised by everyone in the bottom three - I thought it should have been Camille, John Stevens, and Jon Peter Lewis. I really liked Amy - she was great on country week.

I think LaToya, Fantasia, and George are the three strongest finalists - I also think Diana is really good, but she falters a little more often than the other three. Could just be because she is pretty young...
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OK, so tonight was the big Finale!

They've all but signed the contract with Fantasia...

Honestly, with the exception of Fantasia's Summertime (that girl should be singing JAZZ!) I wasn't terribly impressed with either of them. I thought they both massacred the original song, and so did Earl.
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I don't really care who wins, I mean I see the appeal of Fantasia, but I don't see myself listening to her after the show. I mean yes she should do jazz but she still doesn't do it for me much. Diana is talented but same thing.
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I think we should add a poll and see what our members think.

Fantasia or Diana?

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