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I hate to say it, but I am so bored by American Idol this year. No one really has stood out, except for George and his personality. Hmm, maybe it will get better now that it's the final 12....
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Last night when they brought back the rest of the finalists to the stage I was thinking to myself "Oh YA I remember those faces"! It has been so long since we have seen some of them perform that I had forgotten who actually made it into the top 12!
Now the real competition begins
I like George, Red-headed John, and Paula's choice girl (what was her name?). Alot of people seem to like Jasmine the cute Hawiian girl too.

Can't wait till next week!!! And this time I will have cable YAY! So far I have been watchcing it on my fuzzy tv that I can barely see. It will be nice to actually be able to see them and hear them at the same time-LOL!!

Here is the link to the website! http://www.idolonfox.com/home.htm
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My opinion of tonight....

Randy is on crack. How he can say this is the best top 12 ever is beyond me. I want to vote off at least 4 of them tonight.

America was apparently on crack last week. The guy who America voted through in the wild card round just plain sucks.

(P.S. No offense intended to anyone who has ever been on crack cocain or other addicting drug. I know it's serious, I'm using it as a figure of speech.... Just wanted to clarify.)
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I agree, it is uninspiring to say the least. I wonder if the million dollar home, personal chefs and personal drivers might have a bearing on these folks being in a bit of shock at suddenly having it so good? They need to wake up and find their voices, or they may be back flipping burgers at McDonalds soon.
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I still like George although I hope he doesn't plan to bounce like that to every song he sings. It was funny the first time... but now it's a little old.

My personal favorite now is: Jasmine (the little hawaiian girl with the flower in her hair) She was absolutely fantastic last night!!

Fantasia is good but there's something about her voice that gets to me after a while. I can't say I'd spend lots of time listening to her sing.

Camille ~ Well... I don't see what she has that has kept her on this long.

Amy ~ she's a hoot but she really didn't impress me last night. I think it's her choice in song that did her in.

Diana ~ I thought she did well. I'm guessing she'll be there for a while.

Jennifer ~ also an 'ok' performance but I doubt she'll make it to the end.

John ~ Is he going to sing songs like that all the way to the end? C'mon. sheesh.... he may have a good voice but if he keeps this up, he'll be gone before he knows it. I love Frank Sinatra and all the oldie music but American Idol is not the place for that. In my opinion....

Jon ~ America's choice. Like George's bouncing, Jon's dancing was funny the first time. Now it's plain old distracting. Not sure if he'll make it any further.

Latoya ~ she was ok but didn't overly impress me

Leah ~ What was that?? Heck... I think I could have done better! LOL Not sure if she was nervous or what but she really blew her chance. I wouldn't be surprised if she's the first to go

Matt ~ hmmmm..... he's alright I guess. Part of me finds him a little bit arrogant and cocky at times. A little too sure of himself. I wouldn't be terribly disappointed if he was gone.

All that to say that Jasmine is now my personal favorite. Boy can that girl sing!!!!!!

I'm not home tonight so I'll be missing the show Please keep me posted on what happens!

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LOL....I seem to be again stepping to a different drummer around here. While I'd certainly, easily whittle off at least 3 if not 4, I like that there are at least (in my opinion) 7 interesting, with some strength voices here. That is far better than any other Idol I've watched...again, in my opinion

I actually had a hard time deciding who to vote for, another first

ah....anyone remember the delicious voice from the "hobbit" fellow...Kurt Nilsen (?sp), the "world idol"....now that man can sing!
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Its still early but after last night I liked Jasmine and George. The two John's and Latoya after that. The rest I don't remember.
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Originally posted by Pat & Alix

ah....anyone remember the delicious voice from the "hobbit" fellow...Kurt Nilsen (?sp), the "world idol"....now that man can sing!
I love him! I just saw his CD at a local record store.

I am finally chiming in...I like Diana DeGarmo (sp) the last singer. She is my fav. I just love George - he just loves what he is doing! Can't stand the 1st one from Hawaii, Camille, but love Jasmine the 2nd from Hawaii. I think that Jennifer and LaToya seem to be "shouting" and that just is irritating. Fanatsia sounds too much like Macy Grey. Jon Peter - kill the dancing already! He sounded so out of breathe!
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My personal favorite is Jasmine, I haven't seen one bad peformance from her since I've started watching, (I missed the first shows of this season). I think she has such a sweet and humble personality and a beautiful voice. I'll be sad if she doesn't win.
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I know! That's what caught my attention. Jasmine is just genuine and sweet. She's got a great personality and amazing talent.
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Jasmine sang a song that was just perfect for her voice. You wonder why others don't pick songs that suit them?
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I wonder how they pick their songs? does a consultant help them out? Or are they on their own? I am sure some have consultants they have already hired to help them through this process don't you think?
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Originally posted by Nora
Jasmine sang a song that was just perfect for her voice. You wonder why others don't pick songs that suit them?

I read in an article in PEOPLE mag that they all have voice coaches.
choreography instructors. consultants. the whole bit!!!Sometimes,
to me, that all doesn't seem to help at all!They seem to do and wear whatever they want, anyway!!!
And I really think that Simon is mellowing and Randy is getting to be the s**** one!!!!!Am I wrong? Does it just seem that way to me?
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I get the feeling that Randy doesn't know his own mind and is easily swayed. As much of a schmuck as Simon can be, he seems to say his piece and leave it at that. Randy seems swayed by others and unsure. Like last night, getting on John the way he did
was really kind of ameteur I thought. I mean yeah LaToya blew the lid off the joint but John isn't that kind of singer, and yet Randy was saying "but is he as good as Latoya"? in his criticsm of John.

Anyways, this time around I find I listen to Simon more.
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The thing I have found with Simon is that while he is more rude in his delivery than necessary, he is usually right. He has opinions and he states them. Now that hubby works with radio and sees more of how the entertainment industry is, Simon is just typical entertainment industry. It is cut-throat.
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Right it's like if they wanted peace and support they are in the wrong biz. ANd I don't always agree with Simon, but at least he says his mind. I can't tell he makes up his mind. Randy on the other hand reminds me of the guy at the party who wants to agree with everyone.

BTW, I can't stand Matt. I agree that he loves being on TV (and barf the cover of TV guide...) too much. I thought he was corny as hell last night and more like a potential wedding singer.
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Well I am not suprised that Leah was the one with the least votes. It did suprise me that Jennifer was in the bottom 2. I do agree with Simon however - she was shouting. It was great hearing/seeing Clay again. Going to have to play my Clay CD this morning!
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I'm not thrilled with Latoya - I hated the song she picked to sing. I really like the quality and tone of George's voice, but I thought Jasmine was the best singer.
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I missed the last 30 minutes of the show. *sigh* I am really not surprised that Leah is gone.

Although I do agree that Simon can be really unnecessarily harsh at times, I really like him. I think he's a cutie when he gets embarrased (I was actually surprised to see that he actually blushes!). He is straight to the point and I truly believe this show needs that. Can you imagine what it would be like if all 3 of them always agreed and were not sure of what they were saying? I think he makes the show. Everyone seems to hold their breath when it's Simon's turn to speak.

Can't wait for next weeks show now.

I swear I am staying glued to the TV. It's no fun when you miss the most important part of the show. I didn't even see Clay! *cries*

I did get to see the house. WOW!!!! Can you imagine staying in a place like that????
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I cant believe this! I forgot to watch this weeks ep! It´s on on Fridays (both eps together), and last Friday I was at a dinner party, but it´s on again on Sunday nights. I just switched channels a few minutes ago, only to see the very end of the results . I dont remember the name of the black girl, but I liked her singing in the semi finals. I didnt remeber Lea´s name either and didnt remember her singing in the semi finals, but didnt particularly like it now at the end of the show. But I was very disapointed when the host said ".....Lea....." and the black girl walked off the stage, I though she had been at the bottom, so I was kindof glad when I found out she is still in the competition, allthough disapointed for her beeing in the bottom 2.

I guess I´ll have to phone my sisters friend, she sometimes tapes the show, since it´s on friday nights (and apparently she does have a life! ) I hope she taped it, I really want to see it.

From what I remember from the other shows I really like George (that´s the black, cute, big personality singer, right?), and the sweet Hawaiian girl, with the flower in her hair (is that Yasmine?)
I dont remember the other names at the moment, but there were some good singers there.
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Is anyone else watching American Idol this year?

I had not watched it at all the last 2 years - just tuned in to the very end of last year's last show, to see who won. But somehow I watched it once this year, and I am now hooked!!

I can't believe that Diana was in the bottom 3 this week. Also, I just don't understand why everyone is loving Jon Peter Lewis so much - I know he is charismatic, but I don't think his voice is nearly as good as most of the others...

Anyone else watching?
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bumping for merge
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I don't understand the Jon thing either.

I love George, he is my fav. overall, his singing does connect as Simon the
jerk says. I like Jasmine, and John I like as a unique artist. Latoya I like but I doubt I would buy her album.
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I didn't watch the singing portion this week (Earl decided that hockey was more important, and since I love the Avs too I didn't protest too much....), but I was surprised about Diana too. So far, I think she's my favorite. I don't know if she'll go all the way, but she should be in the final 4, IMO.

I can't say I was disappointed with Matt being eliminated this week, but I think Camille is worse overall than he was.

And I SO agree with you on JPL. I don't like his performances at all. I just don't see it with him, what people like that much about him.
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I could not believe Diana was in the bottom three. I thought Jasmine and John were not good at all this week.
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I missed it!!!! Agh!!!

I am suprised to hear that Jasmine didn't do well. She has been a favorite so far, hmmm, wonder what happened to her this week???

Oh well, I will catch it next week...
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Jasmine didn't do well and on one end I get annoyed that they get such praise and then get ripped. But then again...this is the music biz and cruel as hell so they should get used to it. Like Fantasia, who I think was overrated, getting so upset cause Simon said her clothes looked old. She made an idiot out of herself. I mean she probably thought she was above reproach.
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My guts tells me the two who have careers out of this, are the red haired John...cause some people just LOVE him. And George. I think Latoya may get some play and Fantasia, but I think they will fizzle out. They don't have the personality as far as I see. I mean Latoya is mature and gorgeous but I just don't see the staying power. And I think Fantasia will shoot herself in the foot.
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Any thoughts on last night? I am now mostly a George fan. I get bored with the rest, although I admit I still watch so what a hypocrite am I!
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who got cut? I missed it to take a client call----
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