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American Idol 3

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American Idol is going to start Monday, Tuesday, & Wednesday (January 19-21) - a three night premiere. It will be coming on three nights a week instead of three this season. I'm all ready for it. Is anyone else planning on watching it?
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I don't think we're getting that on out TVs this time.. NZ idol is going to start next week.
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I'm planning to watch again. Although I don't know how much of the audition nights I will watch. Some of those people....what possessed them to think they can possibly sing at all, let alone win any kind of competition??? It just sends shivers up my spine to watch some of them try to perform. And I KNOW Earl can't handle three nights of that! I may wait until they at least get to Hollywood where all of the contestants can carry a tune.
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Can't wait to watch it! I loved last season. I didn't watch the Canadian Idol, but I think I'll try and watch it this season.

I Simon
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I will be in school, thankfully. I watched it last year because it was on at the shop. Then after I got in to watching it, my guy, Josh, got voted off in the finals before those last 2 bimbos. I lost interest after that.
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I'll be watching it again. It's interesting to see how the winner progresses through the show. I don't think anyone will progress as much as Clay did last time tho!
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Oh but Heidi, the audition tapes are the best part of the show! LOL
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I agree Mary Anne, I love laughing at the people who think they can sing..
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I think so too. The auditions are my favorite part of the show. Do you think there will be anyone on there who can top Keith (Like a Virgin guy)?
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I guess that is the only part I like to watch is the bad singers....
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I enjoy watching american idol, you kind of just get wrapped up in it as they advance to the end
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The president's speech is scheduled at the same time American Idol is scheduled. I wonder if they are going to show American Idol after the speech or not at all???
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I watched last night, and will continue to. I thought that 1st woman, the army woman, sang very good, but Simon, Randy, and Paula did not think so, me and hubby thought she was very good!
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The President didn't come on until after American Idol here. American Idol came on at 8:00 and the President came on at 9:00. I really love this show, especially the auditions. My favorite parts are when the judges crack up or just get those crazy looks on their faces. It's so funny! I can't believe some of those people actually think they can sing .

By the way, I thought the army woman that sang first last night was good too. I was surprised when they didn't let her through. She's been better than a couple of the ones that they did let through - I thought so anyway.
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I am hooked on Idol, and I dont care who knows it!
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I'm hooked on it too

What a show it was last night.

Yikes!!! I'm not quite sure how some people can actually go there, not know how to sing at all and then ask for explanations on why they (the judges) don't feel they are good enough.

It would save alot of time if people just taped themselves first and...listened to themselves.

However, the show wouldn't be as interesting as it is.

I was doubled over laughing when that one guy just kept singing AFTER both Randy and Simon walked out!

Anyhoo... got quite a few chuckles last night.

The one girl that was picked after singing only one verse was awesome! I wish they had let her continue.....
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Is the show on tonight??? I am going to check now...
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Yes... It is on. It is the second night. Tomorrow is the last night.
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I don't think the girl that had such a bad attitude should have made it through tonight (the one that made Paula so mad). They had just got through saying how important how they act is, but they let her through anyway. I also don't think they should have let the guy that thought so much of himself through - or the girl that he was wasting time with when they should have been writing songs. The group round is up next. I wonder how that's going to go? I can't wait to find out!
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I agree..... It's about to get verrry interesting
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I love this show!

My 2 sons (9 and 5) continually imitate the one guy that sang "She bang" I don't even know the song (or maybe I would if it were sung properly But.. it has actually contributed to many moments of laughter at home. (I'm thankful they arn't imitating the one who sang "like a Virgin" last season!)

I don't think that obnoxious girl should have made it through. She actually should have been asked to leave right then and there. But maybe they have something planned. I wouldn't mind Simon putting her in her place. As much as he can be harsh, he certainly didn't deserve that. (I think she may have already learned her lesson though.... hopefully! )

I can't believe they let Alan through either. That guy needs to be knocked down a notch or two. If his interest is to meet women... head on over to the corner bar. As much as this show is entertaining, I don't think everyone's main goal is to see if they can hook up with someone. Hopefully he'll get that message loud and clear (in between his strip shows)

Can't wait for the next show!
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OMG that guy who sang "she Bang" cracked me up! He was hilarious!
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That cracked me up as well, I loved that guy, he was soooo funny. He could be the next american idol since he is so entertaining!!!
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I was doubled over laughing so hard when he told them he had never had singing lessons in his life and Simon replied "No? Really??" LOL I still see him dancing away 'a la John Travolta'.

Tonights show was quite entertaining. I can't believe how many forgot the words. And the songs were so easy! But, I guess if I was on stage, it could possibly happen. Singing along in my living-room is quite different.

I'm kind of disappointed that scooter girl is gone. I found her quite good. A little quirky but good.

Buh bye Alan!!! Thank God!

I really liked the older dark fella (can't remember his name now) The one who Randy told looked much younger wearing the toque. He was really good!!!

*gah* I have to pay more attention to the names a bit better next week.

My sons are routing for Matt so far.<--- see I remember one name!

Personally, I like the blonde one that sang with the first trio. The only good trio performance of the night actually.

Not quite sure what's going to happen to the loner girl who refuses to dance. Did she not watch last years show? Group performances are part of it and she will have no choice but to dance. She just about died right on the spot when she was hugged by 2 other girls when it was announced that their group was staying. I think she's going to have a very difficult time.

That's it for now. I'm going to see if I can find a site that will provide me with the contestants names.
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THANK YOU!!! I am up to date now
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NZ Idol has started over here and I just love it, not alot of great singers have sung yet(still auditions..) but the presenter Dominic Bowden is a bit of a babe, don't you agree??

Image from www.nzidol.nzoom.com
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I don't have a fav yet, although I do have some I dislike already! That bikini model needs to GO! She is just pretty, nothing else. And that guy with the blonde hair has a HUGE ego problem!
I will be excited to see who is in final batch!!!

Last year I liked clay right from the start, I don't think I'm going to have another person I like right away thing year. Although I think that scooter girl is awful funny and has a pretty okay voice.
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Not quite sure what's going to happen to the loner girl who refuses to dance. Did she not watch last years show? Group performances are part of it and she will have no choice but to dance. She just about died right on the spot when she was hugged by 2 other girls when it was announced that their group was staying. I think she's going to have a very difficult time.

I know what you mean. I don't really like her. She doesn't really have a good "American Idol" personality. She is definitely too much of a loner. I don't think she will make it that much farther.

I didn't know for sure that Alan was gone or not. I was having a little trouble being able to tell which room everyone was in. I'm glad to hear that he is gone now. What about that girl that had such a bad attitude(can't remember her name - the one that insulted Simon and made Paula angry)? Is she gone yet or not?
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Was finally able to watch tonight's show. No one has really stood out to me, except for Scooter Girl, who isn't there anymore. I thought she had a pretty good voice.

Anyway, here's the site: www.idolonfox.com and the contestant's page is: http://idolonfox.com/contestants/index.htm Of course it says "Check back on February 4th for Contestant Information." Ummmm...it IS Februrary 4!!
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