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Preggers !

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I just found out that I'm expecting. My family is having a fit. They're saying that I have to get rid of Reggae and it's breaking my heart. I'm not due until August so I have a ways to go yet. But Reggae is still young and very active and needs a lot of attention. Am I going to be able to offer her enough attention with a new baby around? I'm also concerned that she could harm the baby. I'm still teaching her that hands are a no no to play with and you should see my hands. They're all beat up from her attacks. I want to keep her but it doesn't seem feasible. Help me.
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I am so glad to hear that you are expecting, Cat's don't harm babies, not even active kittens. You can ask any of our members with young ones (Anne, Yola, I can't remember now who all has young babies and cats but they can fill you in). That's why I moved you out of Care and Grooming and put you in the Lounge in the hopes that they will see this thread. The kitten may need a buddy to play off of instead of you. But as the the kitten grows it will calm down.

Please don't get rid of your cat. I remember cats in my crib when I was growing up, and they have become my best friends and my life's passion because of that. (I believe)
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Congratulations on your pregnancy!

Please don't even think of getting rid of your cat...I know there are a lot of terrible myths floating around about cats harming children, but that's exactly what they are - myths. My family had cats when I was born, and all 3 of us siblings turned out fine (except maybe that we're crazy about animals ).

Please read these articles:
Introducing Your Pet and New Baby
Pregnancy and Toxoplasmosis

and if anyone tells you to get rid of your cat, show them those articles if you like - it sure wouldn't hurt to spread the good news around. I'm sure that animal rescuers everywhere would love to have these myths go away - and soon!

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Sorry I missed the question about the scratching - take a look at the behavior section in the forums for some good ideas about teaching cats not to be aggressive in play. And you can trim Reggae's nails if they're too sharp, so she won't damage your skin while you're training her. If that's not enough, you can try softpaws for cats - they're little vinyl nail caps that completely blunt the claws (for indoor cats only, of course.) www.softpaws.com
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Congratulations!! Cats were considered Gods of fertility in Egypt, weren't they?

Don't get rid of the kitties!! Most of the things people say are just old wives tales. I am hoping to get pregnant in the spring and have read alot about this. Basically, you just have to be sure to pay lots of attention to the cats before and after the baby comes home. Tell your family pets are good for children. There is a study that showed that kids with pets in the home had less allergies!
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Congratulations - you now finally have an excuse to eat loads and loads and blame it on eating for two - or it could be three!!!!!
I would say the same to you as teh rest have - dont get rid of ther cat/s - its old wives tales. Heck - there were cats in the house before I was born, I used to have a cat - Robin, who slept in the pram and cot with me and its never affected me in any way that I am aware of.
Just relax, let nature takes its course and get ready to be a momma. I am thrilled for you. Really am. Baby and kitty will get used to each other as mine did and all worked out perfect.
turning round in circles twice to sit down, washing behind his ears with his arm and wondering why I have these facial whiskers.... guess having a cat around does affect you in later life.
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Congrats!!!! Like others have said please don't get rid of your cat, I bet you have enough love for baby and kitty.
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Congradulations on the baby! Dont get rid of your cat or even listen to every thing you parents say freaking out. This is your pregnancy. They should know that you would never do anything to hurt your or your baby. All you gotta really worry about is Toxoplasmosis. I'd be more worried that the new child would hurt the cat then the cat hurting the child!
Better start teaching the child early: No pulling tails!
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A friend of mine has had her cat for many years. 10 months ago she had a baby girl. The only thing that she has done differently with the cat and baby is that she did not scoop the litter pan during her pregnancy.
They have had no problems at all with the cat bothering or harming the baby in any way.

Good luck with your pregnancy and training your kitty
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Congratulations! And don't listen to old wives' tales. Read about toxoplasmosis and recommended safeguards, but don't worry about anything else. My sister has four kids, and they were all born into a home with cats, and there were never any problems.
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It's supposed to be a happy time with the tiniest bit of stress. There's no need to find Reggae a new home. And also, nine months is plenty of time to teach Reggae the basics of do's and don't's.

And if you're worried about Reggae leaping into your lap for a cuddle while you're feeding or holding baby. There is one method that I've heard of being suggested. Carry a doll or baby sized object with you and discourage Reggae from jumping onto you at those times.

Congratulations on the news!
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I wouldn't worry too much about having a cat with a baby. I did when my kids were babies. And now when my friend comes over with her little one, my cats just behave themselves. It's as if they know! And most of my cats have been around her baby since she was a newborn. Peaches loves to sit in the midst of children and she is very gentle. She doesn't swat at them or growl or anything. In fact she just lays there and lets them torment her! Carmella just gives me a look like, "oh no, not them again," and then she goes and hides. Henrietta likes to sit and watch the baby and her toddler brother. She'll play if the 3 year old initiates it with one of her toys. But she plays with the toy only, and doesn't touch the toddler.
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