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I got my digital camera!!

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Though I have no manual in English....just in Japanese. But I have found an English manual online. YAY!!!

I'm still fiddling with it. Taking plenty of practice shots of the kitties of course. Hopefully I get the camera part sorted soon.

The pictures are still yet to come. Sorry for the wait. Just don't look at how long I've been a member! EEP!!
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Have fun! I'm looking forward to the pics.
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Yay! Congrats Mags. Can't wait to see pictures.
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Have fun taking pictures! I actually find it pretty fun, especially getting funny shots of Anastasia. Can't wait to see pictures of your kitties!
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So far, i've figured out how to access the memory stick and take shots.

I still need to figure out all the other settings. I've only just discovered that I can take black and white photos and even sepia shots!!

Maybe tonight I'll get to post some up. *fingers crossed*
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Very cool. Can't wait to see pictures! What kind of camera is it?
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It's a Sony DSC-P10 Cyber shot camera!

I LOVE all things Sony!! I LOVE this camera but I'm too engrossed in posting to play with it more at the moment.
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I like all things Sony too. I have a Sony 200 disc changer that I absolutely love! All my cd's fit in it like it's a juke box! And I've never had a lick of trouble with any of my Sony electronics.
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I love Sony!

I'm still on the edge of my seat to see pictures.
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Waiting for pics -- oh, waiting for pics! But I know what you mean about too busy posting It's tough, ya know -- two hands, one head, 24 hours in a day -- there's only so much you can do!
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Congratulations! I really look forward to get a digital, I´m waiting to find someone who is going to the US, so I can force someone to buy one for me there and bring back for me
I also love Sony, allthough I have decited that I want a Canon digital camera. I went to the Sony shop and really loved one there, that might have some qualities over the Canon one, but there are qualities in the Canon one that I dont want to miss, that are not on the Sony one. But usually I go for Sony, I really belive in it.

I look forward to see your pics!
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