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Kirby stick craziness!

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This story is too cute not to share. I filled out a survey on Pat & Alix's website, catniptoys.com and for that they sent me two kirby sticks. They came in the mail yesterday.

After Simon and Max had played with them for a while and looked sufficiently stoned, I picked them up and put them on the dresser.

About twenty minutes later, the two of them come into the kitchen carrying their kirby sticks! Max (I know it was him, because Simon's not a jumper) had gotten onto my dresser and gotten the kirby sticks back down! I guess this means they're popular! Now, I've left them on the floor! It was too cute.
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kirby sticks are great toys! Each cat has atleast one at my house and everytime I order them for my store I have to give my cat another one for the stand outside my office and meow none stop!
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I'm glad to hear the KirbySticks arrived and that they are a hit

Just a fun note...there really is a Kirby! She is a company ceo, just like Alix, and this is her signature toy She is a lovely tortie and white cutie (I have a company cup featuring her image)!

I have to say, KirbySticks and Kitty Kaviar are two items I constantly hear of cat acrobatics and determination being involved around
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