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Taking each day at a time

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Well I'm taking each day as it comes. It's how I've been operating since I got the news that my aunt died. Work has been good for me. With a tight schedule and deliveries to make I don't have time to dwell on it.

After talking to Kate, (kateang), I've decided to come by more often rather than withdrawing completely. I missed coming by TCS and after all I am going to have a spanking brand new digital camera in my hot little hands to try out tonight. Imagestation here I come!

I've seen one of her daughters recently as I made a delivery to her workplace. There was a brief look of understanding between us in what seemed like an eternity. I didn't have anything to say and I knew that she had just started her job there so I didn't say anything. I still don't know what to say or do. She would be hurting more than I am. I haven't been able to contact the daughter who was a good friend of mine. That was my hardest day at work.
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I am so sorry you are going through this difficult time, and glad you decided to stay with us. I hope it starts to get easier for you soon. I know now it probably feels like it never will. Even though most of us have never even seen each other, we all share at least a little in each other's grief and gladness. I hope knowing that you have so many people wishing you well helps you in some way.
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Sometimes this board can be such a lifeline when you are dealing with the stress of life and everything along the way. I am glad that you have decided to stay with us. I for one, would miss you if you went away entirely.
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Mags , Welcome back. Glad to see you have stayed on. I'm sorry you're not feeling your best but we're always here for you. Take care.
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Mags, I'm glad you've decided to stick around here. As fun as this place is in the good times in life, I have seen the most amazing outpouring of support to people going through the difficult times. Considering most of the people here have never met in person, I think we have an amazing community of people who genuinely care for one another.
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hey Mags,

give yourself more time and stick around here for your daily dosage of cat posting.. lets your life pass faster...
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