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Six Week Old Kitten - I'll be needing help!!

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Ok, I've mentioned that we would be getting a kitten at the end of the month. I am not entirely happy with the whole situation. The little one will be only 6 weeks old when taken away. Owners don't want to keep the kittens any longer than that. At the moment I am worried about his nutrition.

I'm intending to make kitten glop for him, but what is karo syrup? I've never seen it on the shelves of the supermarket. But maybe if I know where it is, I can start looking. Perhaps I haven't been to a particular area of the store.

I know he has started to eat store bought kitten food. From the sounds of things the litter is healthy and running around doing the kitten things. Though I haven't asked about signs for diarrhoea and the like.

I have to keep him separated from Russell and Esper until I get the all clear from the vet and until he get his first vaccinations as well. I'm going to have my hands full with one kitten. My hat goes off again to you all out there who breed and/or hand rear kittens.

I know that the litter has just started to use the litter tray with the accident here or there.

I do hope that they are being kept inside.

I hope I get the information tonight or tomorrow night from the owners.

But is there anything that I should know about looking after this little furball?
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Karo is a particular brand of corn syrup. Here is a link:

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Thanks Talon!!

I'm sure I'd be able to find corn syrup somewhere in the supermarket.
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Although 6 weeks is early, the kitten should be okay. I would get the baby to the vet quickly though for a routine checkup (worms, ringworm) it is to young to be tested for anything else, but the vet can give you a good assessment and guide you in proper nutrition. I hope you will impress upon this *owner* the importance of spaying her cat, especially when she is so anxious to get rid of the babies so early. About the only thing you might have a problem with is his litter pan manners, his mom hasn't had the time to teach him. His best teacher will now be your other cat.
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I've had kittens as early as 4 weeks old dumped on me and if they can eat regular high nutrician kitten food and lap water, I usually don't give them any additional formulas.

Kittens start learning to use the litter box as early as 3-1/2 weeks, and if they had a litter box near the kittens, they should know how to use one, although I have been known to show them how to lift their tail out of the way and scratch to show them how to cover their waste.

Keeping litter boxes close by is important - their self control is not always there and may sometimes be so engrossed with playing that they realize to late that they have to go. The litter box needs to be close by in these circumstances.

Congratulations on your new addition!!
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Thanks guys.

Much appreciated.

I'll be keeping the little one in the bathroom when he comes until he sees the vet. I'll be keeping a litter box near by. I learnt with Russell that kittens can be scatterbrains some of the time. But by the time they reach into adulthood it's denial all the way.

Believe me, I've been saying spay spay spay to the owner. Hopefully something has sunken in. I can only hope.

I am worried about any separation anxiety the little one may feel. I haven't been able to place old socks with mum or litter as the other cats the owner has tend to pilfer items and place them in hidey holes around the house.
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You'll find Karo syrup in the baking aisle of your supermarket.
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I had Rosie from the age of 6 weeks. I took her straight to the vet to be checked out, and fed her 'kitten' food, and she's thrived on it since.

Post some pics soon. It just seems like yesterday when Rosie was a tiny 'fluff' ball!!

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Also make sure that you allow the kitten to eat 4-5 times a day. Free feeding a very high quality dry kitten food all day long (having iot always available) and offering a tablespoon amount of a very high quality wet food twice a day. Kittens eat a lot more often than adult cats.

You can pour a little warm water over the dry food to make it a little more malible for his/her tiny teeth. If you decide to do this, give the kitten a small amount and change it often so it stays fresh and you don't waste too much food.
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