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I downloaded the coolest browser a couple of days ago.

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Has anyone here heard of the Opera Browser? A few of my really techy Geek friends have been telling me about Opera for quite sometime. Anyway, I was having some many problems with Internet Explorer, that I decided to try it. There is a pay version as well as a free version. The only difference is the free version has these tiny little ads on the up right had corner, which don't affect in any way the browser - they don't flash or anything, they aren't even graphics, and the ads always seem to be of interest to the type of sites you are visiting.

Anyway, my friends told me Opera was THE FASTEST browser out there, and that it was really light. I have to say I LOVE IT!

It's not like Netscape, or any Mozella based browser, thank goodness. It's more like IE, but with a lot more speed and a lot of cooler things. I'm still learning it, but what I've learned so far, I have to say Opera can't be beat! It's just great!
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I'm using it. It's the best! Well, almost the best. There are some sites that it doesn't seem to work well with. But, I can't surf anymore without using mouse gestures, that right there is the best feature for me. Also, you can block pop ups, you have the google search bar always available, you can zoom, you have tabs (similar to Mozilla and MyIE2), Author mode (customize the look of the browser), and more features I probably haven't found yet.
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Originally posted by HopeHacker
Has anyone here heard of the Opera Browser? ...It's just great!
You bet! It's what I use, and I love it, too.
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Sounds cool, how can I download this? Thanks

I'm using Mozilla and I LOVE it, I'll never ever go back to Internet Explorer, boy was that slow, Mozilla is great and have never had a single problem *touch wood*
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You know, I must have been doing something wrong, because I downloaded Opera a while ago, again on the recommendation of a geek friend, and I hated it. I found it awkward to use, and actually slower than netscape.

I do use Operamail as a back up web mail account. But again, I was very disappointed (in a free email site, so I couldn't get really upset). I was going to England for a vacation, leaving my very ill mother at home and I promised to email every day. And told her my operamail address, so she could send me messages, and I would be able to pick them up at an internet cafe. Well, the operamail system was down, the entire time I was in England.

I was very very disappointed.
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Ooo! I want to try it!

Is it easy to uninstall in case I don't like it?
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I stopped using IE about one year ago. I couldn't decide between Opera 7 and Netscape 7.1 at first. I ended up choosing Netscape because it had a pop-pup blocker and I liked the e-mail portion much better. The mail portion now filters out junk-mail and puts it into a separate folder.

Now if only some other company would over throw Microsoft and develop a stable operatiing system!!! LOL
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I think the biggest problem with Netscape, is that it doesn't have the capabilities to view sites the way they are meant to be seen, or the way they are written. Not all site, but those sites that use a lot of Java Scripts and animations, just won't appear correctly on Netscape, the same with Mozilla. Netscape is super slow in my opinion, but I do agree Mozella is much faster, but Mozella still looks like Netscape and still has the same lacks that Netscape has as far as viewing a lot of web pages correctly, including my own webpage. You can view my webpage with Mozilla, but you miss a lot when doing so. With Netscape, you can't even view my page, the browser just goes crazy. Opera so far has been very stable, and it views Webpages like Explorer, and it's super fast so far. Also, it just has a lot of very handy aspects to it. You have to learn them, I'm seeing, but once you do, you can see that it's so much nicer. For example, if you see a URL, that is not written in link form, you can hi lite it, and you don't have to copy and paste, all you do is hi lite and right click, and it offers to open the link without copying and pasting. It also offers to open pages in a new window, if you'd rather keep both windows open. All and all, I have found it really handy. It just takes a little time to get used to it.
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I've heard of Opera and used it years ago. I thought it was pretty cool. Not sure why I stopped using it.

I downloaded Mozilla and found it even slower then netscape, if that's possible! But then again, Mozilla IS the netscape browser!
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Personally, I like the way Internet Explorer views web pages, and I like the speed of Explorer. Problem with Explorer is, it's not stable enough. Opera is so much better than Explorer, and I just feel like I have a brand new computer using it. Netscape needs a lot of advancement to work properly I think. It's such a huge combersome program that just doesn't have a lot of capabilities. I want to see web pages the way they are written, not within the limitations of an inferior browser.
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Hope, do you know a website where this can be downloaded?
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Opera is good stuff. Really fast, and has lots of nice features. I haven't NEARLY discovered them all, but some that I particularly like are
  • mouse gestures
  • popup control
  • the wand, for sign-in info
  • auto-fill, for personal information
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