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Two new kitties are with me tonight

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After a few weeks of observing them when they allowed me too, the two newcomers are upstairs. They have eaten, they have water, and they are settling in on the couch. One of them is the spitting image of our Shredder, except he is older and bigger and has a white tipped tail. The other is a female I am guessing under a year old, a Siamese mix with the softest longest fur I have ever seen on a cat. Both of them look like they have been pretty beat-up by life, but at least they trusted me enough to let me grab them up.
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Hissy! You truly are an It's so wonderful of you to take such good care of God's creations. I would love to see pictures of these two if you get the chance.. and if they decide we are worthy of pictures :LOL: Especially the siamese mix!

I wish there were more kind hearted people like you out there!
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Do you keep a journal? You really should you know!

Between the cats, dogs, horses, and even skunks...I would Love to see how many needy creatures you have taken in and given hope!

Have you ever tried to count them? Even just the cats?

You have earned your place in heaven my friend, just bring earplugs for the stampede of animals greeting you at the Bridge!

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I second both of the above!! If only there were more peolpe like you Hissy, and I think a journal would be a wonderfull idea - I would love to know how many babies (of every kind) you have helped!

I just wish I was in a situation to do the same sort of thing....it would be my dream come true....

Lots of love to you and yours, take care!!

Ps, keep us updated on the smurfs!!!
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Cats can never be wrong about people - they only select the best ones to place their trust
I'm sending you my love and best wishes!
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Two more very lucky cats to have found you. I agree we sure do need more like you in this world.
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Hissy, I would love to see the kittens too...

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You are incredible. Hope you got my e-mail. Interesting, huh? I took a 6 week old kitten from the pound the other day. Her name is Hannah Mae and she is a polydactyl tortie with grey/blue eyes. Full of piss and vinegar. I forgot how much spunk these kittens have so late at night

Since she will be my daughter's kitty (hopefully), she'll be sleeping in my room with her tonight while I get much needed sleep in hers.

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At the risk of sounding really dumb here, what does "polydactyl" mean??!!

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You have to watch them when you comb them out. That extra digit likes to grab on and not let go! I love it when he hangs over the counter and dangles his paws down and you can really see that extra digit. He is such a love, and I hope your new one will be as well.

The two newcomers are adapting well. Heck, what am I supposed to do? Shut the door in their faces? I can't keep them forever, but I can try to find them a good place to be for the rest of their life.

Yes, I got your email and your new cat sounds like it might have a behaviour problem? Maybe giving it Rescue remedy will calm it down some? I haven't had much luck using that though. It just sounds like this cat is out of control and enjoys beating up on the others around. I guess just giving it time out in another area would be a good thing, maybe blocking it from bothering you when you have so much going on anyway?
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Ok, now I know.... (Slinking off quietly hoping no-one noticed my previous question....)

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Not the best pics of Bart, but you can see the extra digits. He has an extra on each paw a true polydactyl....

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AWWWWWWWWWWW, Hissy you are an

It takes a wonderful person to take on two extra kittens, just for the pure sake of love and not wanting anything to happen to them!
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Oh by the way.......Bart is adorable!!!! I never knew cats could be born with one extra finger(digit) like that..... thanks for showing us!
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Ahhh, now I see Hissy!!! How cute does that look though!! - it looks like he has thumbs!! tooo cute if you ask me.......

Thanks !
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