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Mary Anne, I'm so glad Racer made progress.. and FAST! That's really good news..! hugs to you!
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Originally posted by Hissy
This morning I went out and opened his stall and he WALKED out on his own accord to the back pasture and TROTTED! Brief but beautifully!
That is absolutely fantastic news!!!!

I hope Racer will continue to make good progress, and I'm still sending powerful healing vibes and prayers to you and him.
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I'm so sorry for all you have been going through with your dear horse.

It sounds like you are still on a roller coaster, but that things are looking up again.

I do pray that the vet gets to the bottom of this soon and finds a cure so that this nightmare can be all just a bad memory.
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YAH! That's so great Hissy! [And people think prayers dont work! HA!]
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I just see this thread now ,so ... What is amasing to me is that every Thursday I have intersessiory prayer (sp) with a church member at our church. Not knowing what is going on with Racer or you M.A. , God laid you and Racer on my heart to pray . I was litterly burdent by God to pray for both of you , it was very strong . All I have to say is WOW and amased how God works . God is so good and I praise him for that .

I will continue to pray for both of you
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I'm so glad he's doing better. Being in a different time zone (9 hours ahead of Pacific Time), I missed this. Oddly enough, I reread one of James Herriot's books yesterday evening, describing life as a vet in 1930s/1940s Yorkshire. He describes a really bad case of this, and how his partner, Siegfried, cured the condition by "bleeding" the affected pony. I'm sending good vibes for a complete recovery.
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I am so glad to hear the news.

jcat - I love James Herriot's books they are wonderful.
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That's great news!

That's terrific progress!

Sending more **healing vibes** to you and Racer.
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I am pulling for him and I'm sending all the prayers within me for Racer to get better and to stay better.
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Soooooo glad to see that progress continues. Keeping the prayers and good vibes flowing.
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Thanks, this systemic condition has more ups and downs than a roller coaster at 6 Flags Magic Mountain.
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Fantastic news I will continue to pray that Racer improves.
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Just wondering how the boy is doing...been a few days...still thinking of Racer and his humans, and praying.
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Sorry guys, he crashed again. We are trying stall confinement to see if it helps. The vet was out and not hopeful, evident in the economy size bottle of pain killers he left me to help bring Racer out of pain.
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I'm so sorry MA. I don't post often in this thread, but you are both in my thoughts often; I'll go light a candle for him.
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I'll be lighting a candle for him as well Mary Anne. You're all still in my thoughts.

C'mon Racer! BTW how old is he?
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ohhh nooo M.A. , I am so sorry ((((((HUGS))))))

I am going to pray more often and harder for him now
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Thanks guys, I just try not to think about it anymore. The vet says it is going to be a long haul. This thread could get very old, very fast. He spends the majority of the day laying down, and we even elevated the floor of his feeder so that he doesn't have to lean forward very much and it helps because it takes the weight of his front legs. We are going to build a small area fence in front of his stall, so he can at least get out into the sunshine, and I am still researching whether or not to bring a load of sand in and dump it in the area. I have heard good things as well as horror stories about horses that founder after they are put on sand. Some do really well and others become crippled. I literally feel sometimes like I want to fall apart and I am just trying to keep myself busy and hope for the best. I joined a mailing list of vets and vet techs and recently got up enough courage to ask a few questions. The response has been tremendous and now there are more equine vets trying to help.

Sam, Racer will be 6 years old in April.
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Oh Racer is still a baby. Mary Anne it sounds like you're doing everything that is possible for Racer, I can't imagine how hard this must be.. Keep yourself busy! Take care..
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Sending positive vibes to you and Racer!
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MA I wanted to add my thoughts for Racer with all of the others here. He's obviously a special horse and there is a great bond between you two. I'm so sorry you both are going through this horrible time. I hope you continue to find new avenues of help and information like the vet mailing list. Take care of yourself first so that you can then better care for Racer.
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Mary Anne, I am praying for Racer's pain to go away. I don't know much about horses but I am sure you will get a lot of help from the vets you contacted.
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Adding our vibes to everyone elses. For Racer to heal quickly, and for MA so she will have the strength to get thru this crisis. :rainbow:
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Just read the rest of this thread...hang in there Hissy...I know it's very hard, but try to think positive...I know you are trying to. We are all still praying and sending positive energy to Racer. We love you and we want to hear any updates you can give us. I don't get much time online anymore but I think of you often!!!!! (and Racer!)
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sending prayers up for racer and for peace for hissy...
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Hissy, I will continue sending positive healing vibes to Racer, and prayers for strength to you until you tell us he has had a full recovery.
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Huge prayers, crossed fingers and mega-positive vibes to poor Racer and to MaryAnne who must be beside herself with worry about her precious horse.
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Yesterday, Racer decided to show me what he thinks of stall confinement, and when I entered his stall, he turned his rump to me and threatened me! He hasn't done that since he was a baby? I wasn't doing anything but visiting him which I do often, only this time I was bringing hay. I looked at this rump quivering in my direction and his back legs tucked and I had my waffle stompers on so I raised up and kicked him in the butt. Then I went over to his front very carefully and yelled at him for doing this to me. He turned around and was better, though I watched him out of the corner of my eye while I was busy in his stall. Right before I left, he turned around and bit me in my wrist as I passed!

I was in such pain and I lost it. I grabbed his head that he had flung way high, I had to jump to reach it and I finally got him in a lock and I squeezed his nose and I yelled at him. I told him I was sorry he was sick, that I was sorry that he was confined, but if he ever did this again, he would be sorrier than me. I backed away, checked my bite and calmed down (still in his stall) When I was calmer, I went up to him again and just talked to him. I was still pissed, but there were no hands laid on him except in love now. I just told him I am doing the best I can, and he has to work with me and not against me. I think we are friends now, but I am unsure where this behavior came from?

This morning, I opened up his stall to release him for the day- maybe that will make a difference?
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Mary Anne, I'm sorry that he took his anger out on you. Horse bites are very painful so I could see why you got angry! Hope racer is okay.
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M.A. a lot of time when we human are sick we get grumby (sp). I know I do get that way if I don't feel well . And for sure my hubby was lately very grumby , feeling like dunky due all the time .But that did not mean he did not love me , that just meant he was feeling bad and is not well at all and thats it . I think Racer is just not feeling well and having a hard time with that .
Racer still love's you .
I am so sorry about your wrist and hope your wrist is ok ((((((HUGS))))))
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