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Current pictures- Bucket Head.....

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Outdoor shot

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Another outdoor short

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Awesome Pictures MA! I'm glad to hear that he's improving with each day!

Thanks for sharing those with us!
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OMG! He looks so good! And you don't look so bad yourself! (That is you ins't it???) Its hard to imagine that he has been so very sick.

Keep up the hard work old boy!
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Yeah that's me grabbing the only piece of sunshine in the yard!

The vet came out tonight to take x-rays and did the dreaded hoof tester torture test on Racer, and after that, Racer would not let him near him! Not that I blame him. Those hoof testers are nasty. We did a 45 minute dance of the Mustang trying to get him to hold still for x-rays THAT DON'T HURT! But he was leery of the vet. I finally got his feet on the board and we got the films. The vet will call tomorrow to tell me if the coffin bone has rotated any more. I pray it hasn't. Dr. Mike said that Racer walks to good for the amount of pain he is in right now, and said he didn't want to jinx it, but he hopes we have turned the corner with this now. It seemed to me that anytime the vet asked him to stand on his right leg, Racer fought- that is the foot I suspect has an abcess ready to blow-
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Racer is a very beautiful Horse MA .... You are to be admired for all of your work with this horse.
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Those are spme great pics of you and Racer Racer sure is a good looking horse .

I hope and pray that the tests come back with good news .
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He's a handsome lad, he is. I do hope he's turned the corner, and that the test results are good. He is one lucky horse to have you as his "hu-Mum".
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Oh my, he is beautiful!

I hope that he is getting better now. I am praying for him.
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The vet just called with wonderful news! The coffin bone has not rotated anymore, the leg is holding steady! Now I just need to keep getting him to drop more weight and take as much pressure off the legs as I can.
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Woohoo!! That is awesomely good news !!
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Oh Maryanne!!! What wonderful news!!!!
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Yay! So nice to read this
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That is wonderful news! Yay!
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I am soooooo happy for you
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YESSSSSSS!!!!!! Magnificent!
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Racer is a beautiful horse Mary Anne. Such lovely pictures.

That's such great news. I'm so happy and proud for you & Mike.
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That's great to hear!

I truly hope that this is the end of the rollercoaster ride that you and Racer have been on. Just keep taking those baby steps during his recovery. Sounds like he needs a gentle reminder with all the galloping. But I guess you can't deny him the pleasure.

Wishing you and Racer all the best.

Sending out more warm healing vibes to you and Racer.

So Racer's now graduated from Twit Nose to Bucket Head.
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Oh MA - what truly, truly wonderful news!!! Little by little. You've put so much love and work into his recovery, and each step along the way is just one more reason to smile.

((((((Hugs))))) to you - and a carrot for Racer.

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Some have been asking me to update this, but there has been no need to until now.

The farrier was out today, to trim up my other horse. While he was here, I asked him if he wanted to look at Racer and he said yes. We walked back to the barn, and just as we got to the fence, quite by coincidence a logging truck on the highway blew a tire, or backfired or something and Racer exploded out of the stall at a high gallop. His tail was up, his ears were up, his eyes were bright and he rushed past us and took off to the back pasture. LOL I looked over at Clint who literally had his mouth open, and he goes "Well! I have seen all I need to see!"

I laughed, and whistled to Race who came trotting up from the pasture to nuzzle my arm. Clint looked him all over and asked me what happened to the cresty neck? I told him that as of the 20th of last month, I had started treating Racer holistically, as well as giving him 3 tablespoons of magnesium powder in his mixture as I was told, it would help the crestiness (which is a real danger in foundered horses) Clint was absolutely amazed and went into the barn to see all my bottles and the concoction i make up for Racer three times a day. But you cannot dispute progress- and he told me that earlier last month my vet had called him and told him that he had no idea what to do with Racer because he was not a *typical* case of founder and kept crashing! So where the option was to keep him on conventional meds and major pain killers, I opted to do something differently and put him on holistic meds. I had to give him a list of what I was giving him and why- lol

In drops Racer is getting- passionflower- for his gastrointestional tract-ginger-to stimulate cirulation- cleavers- to support his lymphatic system- dandelion root- to support his liver- marshmallow root- to cleanse his kidneys. L-Glutaine to stop ulcers- Fastrack and GSE probiotics to clean out bad bacteria- magnesium for the fat buildup and crestiness-and zinc plus his thyroid meds. He takes all of this in hot water and a tiny bit of unsweetened applesauce. He is now on only one bute a day versus 4!!!!!!!!

Doing a quiet happy dance in my chair. The plan now is to get him past his reaction of fear everytime someone touches his feet because lately everytime his feet are touched he knows he will get hurt. So I have a month to work with him and condition him to accepting the touch again and the plan is at the end of the month they will pull his shoes and do a roll-back on his toes and let him go barefoot again!
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I am glad to hear about the update - it sounds as if a lot of progress has been made and he is well on the road to recovery. A lot of patience, positive thoughts and board magic must have helped a lot.
And it goes to show that it does not hurt to try holistic medicine at all!
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Great news hissy!
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Yes, I've been meaning to ask for an update, too -- how very lovely to read this.

Not difficult to understand his apprehension about having his feet touched! I'll be thinking of you as you work with him to get over this -- and firing off many thankful prayers.
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Yea , yea I am so happy
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Oh MA, I am so glad TwitNose (LOL) is feeling so much better. You have done such an amazing job with him and neither you, nor he, were ready to give up. Wonderful, wonderful news.
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How absolutely wonderful
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I was really warmed by the farrier's comments. He told me that last time he was here, he was quite concerned and tried not to show it, because Racer's eyes were so dull and dim. He had been afraid in his absence that Racer would give up the fight (which he almost did twice) But I wouldn't let him, and we have both fought back hard against this horrible disease, and I think-------I hope------I pray-----we have FINALLY turned the corner!

YAY!! Twit-Nose!!!!
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That's great news, although I don't post often on this thread I do check in to see how Racer is doing (he's gorgeous btw ) I'm so glad he's doing so well
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