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Oh, MA, I'm so sorry to read this, was so hoping it would be awhile before he crashed again. Still praying for you and him both.
Cindy and Charlie
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Originally posted by hissy
Oh Kim you made me laugh, I know you didn't mean it in a pun way but when you said you hope it didn't sound lame- it made me smile through my sadness-
OMG! I didn't mean it that way, I swear!!
(Someone, cyber slap me, PLEASE!)
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OMG! I hope Racer is getting better, this sounds heart breaking just when you get three steps ahead you fall five steps back!Sorry.

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HEck! Even when you know you're on a rollercoaster, you hope that a corner turned is onto the home stretch, don't you?? What a bummer!! Well, the prayers and vibes haven't stopped and they won't -- not until he's all well, and we've spent a while being thankful, too. Hang in there, MA, we're with you.
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Racer is a Twi-
Racer is a Tw-
Racer is a T-

Racer is a Terrific Fighter!

Sorry Mary Anne, I can't seem to call Racer Twit Nose.

I hope he recovers from this latest downturn. Hang in there. You know what to do in your heart. You've been doing it all along with Racer.
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Sounds like Racer has a strong will to live! That's great news!
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I agree with mzjazz2u. Even though he has had another set-back, he obviously has a very strong will to live.

Come on you little Twit-Nose!!!!! GET HEALTHY!!!

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Mary Anne,

How is Racer doing?
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This is GREAT news!! I wanted to check this thread out to see if there was any news of Racer, and so glad things are better!!! Yaaay!!!!
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I just read this after I had replied to the other thread on Racer. How is he doing?
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I have been soaking his feet 3 times a day in warm water and salts and astringents. He is able to walk today, bearing more weight on his leg than before. At midnight, he gets stalled for the night. We are waiting for the rain to stop and then bringing in a load of sand and will dump it in front of the stalls to help him find good footing and get him out of the mud. He is such a good horse, so patient with me and all the stuff we are trying-
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That's great to hear that he's starting to place weight on his leg. Hopefully next time he walks instead of galloping. Just got to remind him that he doesn't have to live up to his name at the moment.
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I keep praying each day for that little "Twit-Nose" (Love that name) -- I think the connection you have with Racer is amazing, MA! He knows that you are trying to help him.

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So umm, what do horses get in the winner's circle?

**Sending out more healing vibes to this wonderful example of an equine**
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My thoughts are still with Racer, I'm hoping everyday that he just gets better even if it's just a little each day!

C'mon Racer, buddy.
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I almost dare not hope, but could the worst finally be behind us?

This morning when I went outside the horses were back by the creek. I whistled them in and BOTH of them came to me at a thundering gallop!!!! I looked at Racer like he had lost his mind, and after they were fed I sat on the fence and watched him walk the pasture with Trav with NO trace of a limp, no shaky limbs! I didn't want to manuever in the mud so I didn't check the pulses of the legs but I will later after this ice fog has lifted.

I hope this is truly over, and not just his way of feeling spirited in the foggy cold morning air-
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Oh how wonderful!!!! I'll keep on praying for both of you!!!!
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That is great! Keeping Racer in my thoughts that the worst is over!
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That would be grat news M.A. . I am in hopes now too .
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That's GREAT that Racer is doing better!! I'll keep sending vibes out for u and Racer.. Hang in there!
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What a strong and beautiful spirit - yay for Racer!
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Racers still in my prayers. I'm mustering up so much vibes, I seriousely hope this is over for him.
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OMG!!! This is GREAT news!!!!! I am so happy to hear he is feeling so much better and getting so much stronger!!! I do truley hope this is over for him, he has went through so much, and so have you and Mike.
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Oh, MA!! Stepping up the prayers, and lacing them with lotsa thanks for progress!! I do hope this trend continues!! What a trial you two have been through!
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Hey MA! I just know Racer understands how much you have helped him. I admire your courage and stamina. It has been a long road for you two and you seem to be making remarkable progress. You and Racer will continue to stay in my prayers.
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Wow that is GREAT NEWS!!! We need some new Racer pics, Mary Anne!
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I will keep hoping the best for you and Racer. I never realized that founder could take this long to heal.
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You and Racer are in my prayers. I'm elated that he's starting to feel better, as a love of horses as well as cats, I hate to see any cat or horse 'not feeling their best'.
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OH! How exciting! Please, please, please stay strong Racer!
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