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"split" keyboards

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I don't know what the actual name for these keyboards is...but has anybody used them? In my keyboarding class (I went back to school after all these years) that is all they have and I LOVE them!! I want to buy one! They aren't all crowded up like a standard keyboard. The left and right side are split with a space in the middle, so all the keys you type with one hand and all the keys you type with the other are split. It makes it so much easier and I want to buy one for at home now! Have any of you used one? The space bar is split in half too.
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They're ergonomic keyboards. That's what the shop assistant will understand.

I actually find them difficult to use and they cause my tendonites to flare up rather than preventing it. But I'm one of those people where the doctor says, "This is normally a rare occurrence..."
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I believe it's an Ergonomic Keyboard, or Natural Keyboard. It's supposed to be a lot better for your wrists and decrease the possibility of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome because it is a more natural way to hold your arms, wrists and hands when you type. Earl uses one, but I don't because none of my workplaces have had them and I don't want to have to switch back and forth all the time.
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I used one in school and didn't care for them myself. But everyone is different.
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We have one computer at work that has one and I don't like it. It may be just the unfamiliarity, though. The one day, that I drew that one, was awful, though.
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Oh gosh , my hubby just got one . I still try to get used to it , typing with two fingers . I never learnt how to type . So since Saturday we got the new key board and it is really challenging for me . But you get used to it . They say it is suposed to be better then the other once , but have no clue if they are or not specialy typing with 2 fingers hee hee
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Ergonomic!!! That's it!!!! Well I guess everyone is different, but I loved it!
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Originally posted by PurrfectCatlove
Oh gosh , my hubby just got one . I still try to get used to it , typing with two fingers . I never learnt how to type . So since Saturday we got the new key board and it is really challenging for me . But you get used to it . They say it is suposed to be better then the other once , but have no clue if they are or not specialy typing with 2 fingers hee hee
I have typed with two fingers for years! Seriously! But in this keyboarding class, I actually have to use the "home row" and type the correct way and at first I was scared I couldn't do it...but these ergonomically correct keyboards have helped me so much! My fingers aren't all crowded up together, and I have more room. I am doing quite well with it and so now when I come home and try to type correctly, it seems all bunched up and like my hands are so close together they don't know which finger should move first! So I continue to use the two fingered approach at home! But at school, with the other keyboard...I am making progress! 58 words per minute..correctly done! And this from a two finger person up until school started last Monday!!!!
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Fingers are all crowded up together huh ? How come mine are always crowded lol , at least that how it feels like .
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They're probably Microsoft Natural keyboards.

There are all sorts of ergonomic & split keyboards out there, even ones where you can attach 1/2 to each side of your chair! but the most common and affordable are the Microsoft Naturals.

They're pretty comfortable to use if you're a fast typer, but they do require some getting used to if you're accustomed to the straight keyboard.

One thing to keep in mind if you're just learning to is a great time to learn properly - it's important not to hit the keys with too much force - just enough to make the letter register is all you need. If you're at the computer typing (or mousing, for that matter) for more than a few minutes at a time, stop & stretch, look around, roll your shoulders back, and make sure you're breathing deeply from your stomach & not tensing your shoulders up. It will go a long way toward helping to prevent injury. Ergonomic keyboards are nice, but taking regular breaks is the most valuable tool to prevent injury.

Sorry for the lecture. I'm having a lot of trouble w/my hands, arms & neck b/c of years of computer (mis)use. Just trying to share what I've learned from the ergonomics experts.
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Thanks Tuxedo for the info . I think you are right with what you say , now it is the time to learn it the right way . Well at least I try to use more fingers now
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I love ergonomics keyboards, but I don't use one. I don't put my fingers on the "right" keys so they're just frustrating to me. They're comfortable though!
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I love the split keyboards. I used one for a while, but my husband slung it off my machine (which he also used) coz he's a 2 finger typer and he just couldn't manage it, whereas I taught myself to touch type and felt completely at home on it straight away.
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They sound interesting but I can't recall ever seeing one. I'm completly at home on my "normal" keyboard, where I also taught myself to touch type.
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I love those ergonomic keyboards, too. I don't have one yet, but some day. For now, I have a gel pad in front of my keyboard, which cusions my wrists when I type. I also have a gel mousepad. They're very comfortable, and I don't have to bend my hands so much to type or use the mouse.
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We have an ergonomic keyboard somewhere around here that we never use We bought the new computer and the ergonomic keyboard was stashed somewhere, or my father in law has it. Hrmmm wonder where it is. I find that I tend to make less mistakes on the ergonomic keyboard because its less stressful on my wrists and hands.
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I Tried using one of those but with the hadicap I have with my left hand I can no long touch type so using that board was acward so stayed with the old stand by.
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I used one when I went to visit my parents last month. I didn't really like, but I didn't exactly dislike it. I don't really see myself actually purchasing one. I'll stick to my cheap, regular keyboard.
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I've seen them around but never tried one. Debby, you should be a salesperson - you make it sound so wonderful I think I'm going to get one as soon as my maternity leave is over
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I've had one (Microsoft) on my home computer for about 3 years now. It took a while to get used to it but like it for straight typing. My work docking station is a flat keyboard, and of course I use my work laptop undocked a lot so I just have the laptop keyboard. The worst problem that I have is to adapting my typing to each of the 3 keyboards that I use on a regular basis.
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I also have one, have had for about 4 years now. I love it. I do know that it does take some getting used to but once you do, you will love it for the decreased stress on your wrists. I had a regular on at work and I always felt scrunched together when I used it after getting used to mine.

Good luck with your class and you can get one of the natural keyboards at WalMart.
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If you touch type, then you need one of these. Hunt n' Peckers need not apply =d

Once you get used to them you'll never want to go back. Regular keyboards feel extremely cramped.
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I got one! It's a Microsoft Natural. (just like you said, Tess!!) It's great! I just got it today! It's not exactly the same as the ones in college but close enough...theirs is a different brand I think and looks a bit different but close enough! And I didn't even have to pay for it!! Since I lost my job of 14 years due to the place going to Mexico, NAFTA is paying for me to go back to school and they told us (5 of my co-workers also went back to school on this deal) that if the instructor signed a paper saying it would be beneficial for us to have one of these they would pay for it! So all I have to do is send them the signed paper and the receipt! Yaaay!!!

Also....for those of you like me who never learned to type correctly and would like to learn how...I asked my keyboarding instructor if there was any software out there that would be similar to our program we use there at school because I wanted to be able to practice at home and she recommeded one called Mavis Beacon. It only cost about $9 at Walmart and although I haven't had time to try it yet...just got it tonight when I got the looks like just what I wanted!
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That's great! I'm glad you're getting help w/expenses.

Mavis Beacon is a good program - I borrowed a friend's computer several years ago to brush up on rusty typing skills & she had that program for me to use. I used it to learn 10-key, too.

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I can't wait to try the Mavis Beacon program...was going to try it tonight, but it's almost 2:30 and I spent all my time on here! The more I use this ergonomic keyboard, the more I love it, though! You should get one Anne!!!
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