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Hackers suck

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This is a warning to anyone who may have Road Runner as their ISP. I received a bogus email saying it was from the Road Runner Department telling me that my computer may be infected with a virus and with directions to click on a link to view a report or my internet service would be shut down.

It looked so I got on the phone to Road Runner tech support. Sure enough, he said the link contained a virus. I hate these people who have nothing better to do than mess with the lives of others.
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Hackers suck. And that's being nice!

You're describing a situation that happened to me once. It was years ago when I was first on the web and didn't know any better. Boy I've learned a lot since then!
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Thanks for the heads up Deb. I've got Road Runner also, but I haven't seen that email yet. I don't use my RR email, so I may not get it but thanks for letting me know.

I just have never understood why people enjoy causing so much havoc for people!
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I'm a "Hacker", but not a computer hacker. Hacker is my last name. LOL.

I agree, though. I don't understand why people would deliberately try to infect anyone's computer with a virus. It's more than mischief, it's downright evil.
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Except for Hope (and her family ) all hackers suck!!! Deb, I have never understood either why people who don't even know us, would get enjoyment out of ruining our systems and causing us grief and money to fix the problem or possibly have to buy a new computer.
The only thing I can figure is that these poor pathetic people have no life, so messing with and inflicting pain on other's lives is their only life. Sad...very sad.
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I think the companies who make virus protection software hire people to create viruses- How's that for paranoid?
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You might just have something there, MA!
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I think Hissy is right, and I would not be surprised if Bill Gates is one of those who hires hackers - so people would have to buy his software should ones current software gets damaged by a virus. Same goes with anti-virus companies. I may be paranoid too, but in todays day and age, I would not be surprised.
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Some of the stuff you get in email today is catchy and I have been fooled a few times, thank goodness for AVG. But since the email that I use(xtra..NZ) has installed a Spam blocker, it's been really good and now I only get the odd spam mail in my box.
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In his time on the internet, Earl has known a few hackers. They weren't the ones who created viruses, they were the ones who would try to break into networks and websites and such. (Incidentally, most of the people he knew have now been hired by the companies they broke into, or by the government, so they can find and patch the holes in the systems that allowed them to break in.) Here's the really sad thing: Most of the hackers today are kids who are bored and have nothing better to do than alter or create destructive programs after school (as opposed to before when they were computer geniuses who truly understood systems and networking). In the "old days" of hacking, the point was to see if you could do it. Generally, there wasn't money to be stolen in it (although it did happen sometimes), or computers destroyed. They would leave a message on the system that their network or website had been compromised. Now, I think the point is to create such a horrible thing that it makes the news. Or to steal money or identities. the motives are totally different now.
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I swear, viruses and the like are the biggest reason I stick with Mac OS. We rarely get hit with the stuff.
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