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I have a new indoor kitty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Those of you who know me, know that I own alot of cats. And they have always been outdoor cats...due to hubbies orders...he doesn't like cats in the house. But we live on a big farm and I take in many ferals/strays and also cats that people don't want and are going to put to sleep. We have barns with hay for them to stay in...it's not like they are just out in the cold...and they are well fed and well taken care of. Up till now...the only cat my husband would allow indoors was Merlin, who I raised from a little kitten who was abandoned by his mother and told my husband he was staying inside till he was better (he was very ill when I found him...about starved and in shock and wouldn't eat) Of course as many of you know...my husband ended up falling in love with Merlin as well and Merlin was allowed to come and go in the house. He was my baby and I ADORED him. I had him for 3 years and then one day last May he went out, and although we have very little traffic on the road that is a ways from the house...he got hit. I have had cats for several years now and have only had one other get run over but fate decided it was Merlin's time to go.
I of course mourned over him for a very, very, very long time and even disappeared from this site for awhile because I couldn't discuss it or bear to think about it or even be around people discussing what cute things their cats did. I was in alot of pain over losing him.
I said I would never get THAT attached to another cat again because it hurt so bad to lose him. (although I love all my outdoor cats as well, but it wasn't the same)
I have been feeling something is missing...I need a cat inside to love me and sleep with me and just be there. (does that make sense?)
So...I brought one of the outside kitties who was born last summer, (to a stray who was pregnant when she came here) that I was particularly fond of, inside. I told Brent (hubby) he would just have to live with it. I do have two other kitties inside, but they are the two my husband found in a ditch abandoned in November (they wer only a few weeks old) and they are to be put outside once the weather warms up. (They are restricted to the computer room, where they do have lots of room to play)I was hoping to maybe talk Brent into letting me keep one of them as my indoor cat, but then I got so attached to this one kitten that was outside...I had named him Garfield, but since that is such a long name for my 17 month old daughter to say...I started calling him Gus. She can say Gus. And she LOVES him! He is an orange tabby with white feet and white on his kneck. He has been inside for a week now and has not had one accident...he uses the litterpan and is such a little sweetie! I will have to take pictures of him when I can...he was born the end of August.
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Great news Debby! I hope that you and your new indoor kitty become great friends as you and Merlin did.
Congrats on the new addition to the family!
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AAAWWWW! There is nothing sweeter that a cuddly orange tabby boy! I'm so glad you and Amber got your inside kitty.
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I am soooooo happy for you

Yes , we want pics
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Debby that's so wonderful! I can't wait to see some pictures!
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Debby, that's great! I also think it's what you really need to help fill the "chasm" Merlin left behind. Gus obviously won't replace him, but he'll win your heart on his own merits. I'm also quite optimistic about him being able to worm his way into your husband's heart - cats (or dogs) have a way of doing that. My husband wasn't all that enthusiastic when I talked him into our adopting JC, and now they have a very close relationship. It's really heartwarming when I come home from work and catch them napping together - my husband asleep on the couch, and Jamie curled up on his chest. They like to breakfast together, too. I have a weakness for red tiger cats, too.
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Oh Debby that is so wonderful!!! I'm glad you and Amber have a kitty inside again.
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Thanks guys! I think Brent will fall in love with him in time..it's just that right now he keeps comparing him to Merlin..he says, "well he's no Merlin" and I say..."No cat will ever be Merlin, but just give this one a chance."
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Debby , give it some time , The cat will win your husbands heart when the time is right .
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I'm sure your husband will end up loving Gus too. It's impossible to resist a kitten who wants to be loved.
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You are right! And boy does he want to be loved!! He is so cuddly! He sleeps with me at night and sometimes I wake up and feel this little warm body on top of me or beside me and think...Merlin? then I realize it is Gus. I think I need Gus. I need him to fill that empty hole that Merlin left.
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I am so happy you have your loving indoor kitty. I know it had to be hard to not have a kitty to cuddle up with. I know for me, I have to have my cats in bed with me. I need their closeness. I hope your hubby learns to love Gus as much as you do.
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Oh Debby! I'm so happy for you! I'm literally tearing up as I write, because I can feel how happy you are! Bless you're heart for loving him!

You're right...I do think you need Gus & I believe Gus needs to you just as much. I don't know if Gus will fill that empty hole in your heart, but I'm sure he'll do a great job at mending it.

Can't wait to see some pictures of lil Gussie! He sounds so cute!
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That's great news Debby.

Give it some time. From the sounds of things, Brent may still be hurting from Merlin's passing. I'm glad things have taken a happier turn for you.
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Debby I must admit I read this post just have you had posted it but at that point I didn't have enough time to reply, Sorry

Anyways, I'm so glad that you now have Gus and I hope he's every bit as special as Merlin was, no he will never be merlin but Gus sure does sound adorable. Kudos to you my friend. Hugs Sam.
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Oh, I'm so happy for you Debby.
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Yay Debbie!! ..... I am soo happy for You and Gus too.... Don't worry. DH will come around.
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Thanks guys! It means alot to me that you took the time to post to me! Gus is doing great and I think Brent is warming up to him because I have caught him playing with him several times now. And last night Gus curled up beside him on the couch and went to sleep!
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Debby that's great news, Give Gus smoochies from me!
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Thanks Sam!! *Kisses back atcha from Gussie!*
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That is so great!!
Im sure he will eventually love Gus also...My husband hated cats when we first met...he was a dog lover...he just told me the other day he would rather have a cat than a dog...i catch him all the time snuggling with my two cats ...LOL
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Debby, that's so wonderful!!!!!!

Obviously the two of you need each other, and you know, I can't help thinking that Merlin probably had a hand in this.
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Debby, I am very happy for you, Congrats (I saw this thread today for the first time.)
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Thanks for your replies! Gus is doing well and hubby is warming up to him, I can tell! Amber just loves him!!!!!! She pets him and kisses him, it is so cute!
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I am so happy to hear this! Life is so much better when you have a cat to cuddle!
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This is the first I am seeing it as well Debby. I am glad that Brent's heart is thawing- and yours is healing.
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That's good news Debby. -glad you're standing up to keeping at least one kitty in the house. It must be hard not to let any of them in on a regular basis.
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It has been hard not to let any of the outside kitties inside, but I knew that I would be in trouble with hubby if I did. But now that I have insisted on this one being inside, he seems to have mellowed out towards him.
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How nice! Glad you were able to bring one of your kitties in!

It sounds like your outdoor kitties have it pretty good too! Do you guys have the ferals and strays spayed/neutered? I'm just curious. I don't know how some of the wonderful people on this site do it!
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