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update on possible new friend..

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.. well we are going to have a new tortie in the house for sure- may be this month - may be next but its gonna happen. We were going to get one from the shelter - then Carol announces that one of her work mates is being transferred to their Australian division and has a black and white long haired 3 year old male. This three year old will be given to a rescue place if cannot find a home. Well - count me in Carol tells her - Kev wants a new friend - and our house is everything we can be for a set of cat lovers / nuts etc. Large, spacious, warm and welcoming.
We wont know for definate until the back end of next week - however, I would love him to come here.
I apologise that the new one - if we get him - is not from a rescue site - however, hes older than a kitten which is great for me and if we dont get him or he does not go somewhere else that the woman knows - then he would be in one. So its a win win situation for him one way or the other, either he goes somewhere else and to another of the womans friends, or he comes to us - however my door is open already. I just want him to have a good home.
If it dont work and we dont get him, then next month we will have one from the rescue place for sure.
purring already ....
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That sounds like a great possibility, Kev! He's still a rescue, even if not from a "Rescue". If it weighs on your heart, make a donation to your local Rescue in the amount you have have paid to adopt one of thier cats. You're right, though. If you can't take him he would end up in a shelter, so basically you are skipping the stress for him to be caged. MUCH better situation for him!
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Lucky cat! I think that counts as a "rescue". I hope everything works out.
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Even better - even if I dont get him, I will get a new friend next month from the shelter - that and however many boxes of biscuits I owe for every lb I lose =every pound lost = another large box of cat biccies. Day 2 of the diet and still alive! its amazing!!!
whose wife says that kevin without two cats is like coffee without the beans!
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Kev that's great that you're willing to rescue him, what's his name? I hope ya get him!
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Hey, Kev, I don't think "rescue" is defined by the cat having come to you from a cage. If the alternative to coming to you is going to a cage, he's a rescue -- one fortunate enough to have been spared the interim step. Congratulations!
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Yay! Congratulations! That boy is a rescue as much as getting one from the shelter. Both my babies are rescues (Simon was a stray kitten and Max came from the humane society) I always wanted a Devon Rex, but when it came time to get my kitties, I felt better getting them as rescues.

Whichever kitty you get, enjoy!
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Kev....don't apologize that he's not coming from a rescue site...any cat that is in need of a home is a rescue. I hope it all works out well!!
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hurray!! Brandy is gonna get a little brother or sister!!
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This precious kitty is very lucky. I know you will love this baby and give it a wonderful home. And yes, I would consider this cat as a rescue.
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That's brought a smile to my face.

He's still a rescue. My two are rescues and they didn't come from a rescue centre or refuge. You're still helping by letting the kitty come into your home.

Best wishes with whatever you decide.
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Originally posted by kateang
hurray!! Brandy is gonna get a little brother or sister!!
Lol - just be grateful its not Christopher - otherwise me and my wife are gonna need to talk!!!!
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That's great news. A rescue is a rescue, and it's great either way.

Funny, I love both black & whites, and torties too.
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I love em all like you - I may have my own tuxedo kitty soon!! Kev
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Congrats!!! Hmm, maybe you need BOTH the black and white, and a tortie!!!
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