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If you use Iams...

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Please go to this link and read about Iams. I am not saying that people who feed their cats Iams are horrible or stupid, but please stay educated:
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There have been a few threads about that already, with updates. Browse through here, and you'll find them.
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You might want to read what Hissy wrote about the internet misleading people in the "What really IS in meat by-products" post on the IMHO board. She mentions the Iams story specifically
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Thanks for info
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I also read this report, and i contacted IAMS straight away.
They understood my concerns, and sent me their report.

I'm going to the 'Supreme Cat Show' in November here in the UK, where 'Uncaged' and IAMS have stands, so i'm going to ask them face to face!.

The only thing that did bother me about IAMS, was when i asked what their views were on the report that 'Uncaged' had released, and that surely they could have them for liable if the report was untrue, all they said was " It's Freedom Of Speach"?!.

Although Rosie still eats IAMS, ive read a lot of good reports about 'Royal Canin', So i'm switching her over to that, just in case it's true!.

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