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New kitty momma!!

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I just joined this site and want to say "Thank You!" as I have been reading this site for several months now.It's been a great help.
My story...I used to love, love, love cats when I was a girl. After that I never had cats and my love for them died...or so I thought. I I never had cats as an adult due to living circumstances and allergies. Now, many years later, and no more cat allergies, I am the proud "Mamma" of two 8 month old kitties, Marcellus and Wallace. We got them both from the Humane Society. Marcellus was born of a feral mother so is a wee bit shy, retiring, cautious and not at all cuddly. But he is sweet natured as long as you respect him. One definitely needs to be aware of his body language. We love him dearly. Wallace is totally the opposite, extremely active, into EVERYTHING, extremely agile, gentle, and into your face type of cat. And the thing is, they get along wonderfully. We got Macellus when he was 8 weeks old (I'm thinking he was taken from Momma too early, he was born in a garage) and we got Wallace 3 months later. They got along very well, very fast and they are buds. Marcellus really needed a friend and Wallace has brought out the best in Marcellus and it has been so fun and joyful to watch and "spoil" these two kitties. There are a couple of things that we have to work on, which I will ask about, but all in all, it's been absolutely wonderful. It's been fun too to see my family, my hubby and two teen boys, enjoy the kitties as well. We also have a dog, Corky whom amazingly, adjusted to the kitties faster than I ever imagined. So, thanks for everything and I will continue to enjoy this site!! "D" :-)
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Welcome to the site! I'm glad it's already been helpful for you.

Marcellus and Wallace sound like two wonderful little kitties! I have a similar circumstance in my home - Ophelia is a feral rescue, and Trent is just a snuggle-bug. Trent really showed Ophelia that it was OK for people to touch her, and that we really weren't so bad.
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Welcome to TCS to you and your babies.

And a big thank you for adopting them from a shelter.

Mine aren't kittens but are rescues from the local shelter as well. Kuce is our lovebug and Sphinx is Mister Independent and will tolerate only a little petting.
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welcome to the cat site!!!
they sound like great kittes, can't wait to see pictures!!!
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Welcome to the site, happy to see you have finally joined.
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Welcome, New Cat Mamma "D" !!!!

Your 2 kittens Marcellus & Wallace sound so sweet! You mentioned that Marcellus is a tad shy, cautious & not cuddly. I would say to just give him time & Lots of Love, which I know you & your family are giving both kitties!! I think he will see that nothing is happening to Wallace or Corky; so he will eventually warm up!

All of my 6 kittens had feral moms, all born under our garden shed.
When Romeo was a kitten, he was a people person from day 1! Next was Smokey Bear, Little Heart, Cheyenne & Tiki. Yes, I adopted the Whole Litter!! I tried adopting the mom, she just did not want to be in the house, so she lived on the back porch & I bought her a small dog-igloo shelter, which she used & we fed her & played with her daily. Anyway, all the kittens were shy & cautious of their new humans "they" adopted!

Smokey Bear was the 1st to warm up to us, it took him about 6 mo.'s & finally let us hold him. A couple mo.'s later was Little Heart, who finally allowed us to hold him. All kittens enjoyed playing with toys with us, but that was it. It took Tiki 1 yr., before he would let me pick him up; but he enjoyed sitting at the kitchen table & would talk up a storm!! So we would talk back to him Tiki passed away a yr. later, the vet told us it was because he was severly anemic. To this day, I regret not taking him to a 2nd vet, for another opinion. But, our family knows that he is over the Rainbow Bridge with our other cats: Frisky, Smitka, Greta, Chrystal, Falcon, Heaven, Sergeant, Fluffy & Mr. Sunshine.

Cheyenne would like to play with toys, be petted by us, but Never picked up! Just 8 mo.'s ago, she finally allows me to hold her; she jumps into my dad's lap for company; & has warmed up to my mum immensely! Cheyenne & her brothers are 7-1/2 yrs old; Romeo will be 10 in mid-March. My last 2 rescuees: Tiger & his brother Charlie. Tiger was a people person, just like your Wallace! Charlie put me thru a 2 wk test. He had this game of, coming to stay with me on the porch, then suddenly race around the house to the right & show up on the left side of the porch & meow at me. When I stood up to approach him, he would take off & run in the opposite direction around the house & appear on the other side. And I would tell him, "yes Charlie I am still here". I guess I passed his test, as he is in the house for 3-1/2 yrs now!

In time Marcellus will come around, Wallace & Corky will show him & tell him that everything is ok with his new human family; & to come out of his shyness, etc. (And I apologize for my short novel, but I do tend to get chatty).
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Welcome to TCS and my congrats on your two kittens .

Maybe you can share some pics of them with us
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welcome to the site (the love for kitties never really dies does it)
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Welcome to you and your babies!

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