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dog-related question

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No one here slept well last night. Our 6 year old mix kept us all up, because of the wind outside. She was freaking out. Trembling (sometimes so violently her tags rattled), ears pinned back, panting, pacing, etc... My mom had her until about 3, then I took over. I put Dixie under the covers with me, with her head resting on a pillow, and put cotton balls in her ears. She calmed down after a long time, but she insisted on having physical contact with me at all times. When the winds died down, everyone slept much better. She's been wind-spooked ever since we got her at 1 year old. Thunderstorms don't bother her, and she doesn't mind strong wind when she's outside in it. Must be a sound we can't hear like something rubbing against the house freaking her out?

What can we do to help her? It breaks my heart to see her so obviously unhappy, and not know what to do to make her feel better...
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My mom's dog used to be spooked by thunderstorms. She actually pushed the nightstand out of the way and crawled between it and the bed. And this is heavy furniture and a small dog! Whenever we had a thunderstorm, mom used to curl up with her. The body contact would calm Cookie down. We tried putting her in the basement which is semi-soundproofed, but that didn't work. She needed someone with her
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I don't know if it would help, but there's a canine version of Feliway called DAP you might try. Perhaps playing music would help to soften the impact of whatever she's hearing that is disturbing her? If you can, try to be calm & comforting without fussing over her too much - if you're upset by her distress, she will pick up on that & get more upset. Vets can prescribe tranquilizers for dogs that are extremely upset by storms.
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I considered taking her downstairs with me, where the sound of the wind might not be as strong, but it seemed like a lot of work for possibly nothing. We have a "nest" which is COVERED in cat hair, so I'd have to bring down a bed sheet to cover it, and unearth one of our sleeping bags... Plus there's the two cats that sleep down there. I don't think they'd have been very happy about being disturbed at all hours of the night. But if this wind picks up again, I might have to try it...

I work for a vet clinic. I'll see if they have anything they can suggest...

Thanks tuxedokitties and Sweets for the help! Keep it coming!
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