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Got to share this with everyone!!.

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Does anyone apart from the UK have an organisation called 'Friends Reunited' ?.

It's an organisation that you can register with to try and find old school friends and neighbours.

There was a guy who lived next door to me when we were kids. The last time i saw him was the day i got married when he came to my parents house with a wedding gift, 24 years ago!!.

And there last night on my e-mails, was Kevin!. He'd tracked me down through Friends Reunited.

I screamed when i saw his name. and quickly mailed him back to catch up on as much as possible.
His lifestyle has changed so much. He came from a poor family, but he was always the best one of the bunch, and my whole family adored him.

He is gay, but that does'nt change anything for me as long as he's happy. And he now lives in the south of france with his partner, running a successful business of holiday chalets. Im just so pleased we've found each other again after all these years.

Just had to tell you all, i'm soooo excited!!.

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whoa! That is so cool!
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That is so cool! I've often thought of trying to find some of my old friends, but never have done it. Maybe I will!
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I'm glad your friend tracked you down! you must be so excited. I've browsed friends reunited but since I only left school in 1997 and I've only just moved from the area I grew up in I haven't had a lot of use for it. Rest assured I'll be logging on again in another 10 years to see how everyone is doing.
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I really am excited!!. I've known him since he was 3 years old and i must have been about 6 years old!.

He sent me a huge e-mail last night, and i sent one back this morning just as big. Can't wait to get home to see if he's sent another.

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Hey the same thing happened to me!

A boy I had a crush on in school, his name was Kelly and a few months ago, he emailed me. We have been in touch! Its awesome isnt it? He asked me if I remembered him - how could I forget??? I was in love with him when I was about 8 years old!
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That's so cool! Years and years ago I wrote to the show Reunion- I never thought anything would come of it, but I wrote in and shared my story and asked for their help. Much to my surprise, they aired my story on their show and I got in touch with an old friend I needed to see badly. We are still in touch today, she is married with 7 kids, something I knew that she would eventually do (have lots of kids) I owed her a debt from long ago, and she and I lost touch. Without the intervention of Reunion, I doubt she and I would have ever crossed paths again.
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In the U.S, there's a site, http://www.classmates.com , where you can register and track down old schoolmates.
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