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Kitten with URI

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I have two kittens. One is about 3 months and has had all of her shots (due for a booster this week). I just rescued a 3 week old kitten who came from a litter that probably has URIs but he looked the healthiest. He's kept in a box in our room, and that's the room the old kitten stays in too. They don't come into contact, she doesn't go in the box because she doesn't like him. Could she still get sick? I want to protect her because she's my first baby. They have to stay in the same room, no choice. It's a 20x15 though so it's kind of big. I'm calling the vet tomorrow for advice but just thought I would ask here too.
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So what did the vet say? Its always a good idea to quarrentine any new animals until you have the opportunity to find out if they have any illnesses - but especially if you can see that the animal is sick, or know that it came from an infected environment.

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