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What do you think?...Russian Blue?

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hehe...sorry...hope I didn't offend any mouse-haters

I got two new meeces today, as company for my lone mouse. The three of them share a 30 gallon tank. They're going to be quite spoiled. My big cat, Willie, loves the new "kitty T.V.". He just sits and watches them. My border collie keeps on gaurd and won't let Willie try to get in the tank, but I've made sure she know's that it's okay for him to "look".

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i just had one question that popped into my mind... did your little mouse finish the whole pot of food you cooked the other day????
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Why do you think I had to get more mice?

Actually, I froze it into 5 containers, I figured I would feed one container a week (like 1/2 a cup). I ended up throwing away 1/2 that first container. (if you look in the dish in the second pic, that's what they have) The new mice haven't encountered real food before (you can't tell me that old dry grain mix at the pet store is actually "food"). So they were quite puzzled when the first mouse pushed past them and dove in the bowl. They'll get the hang of it. They have a grain mix also, but it's not crap, it's a 7 grain hot cereal mix with oats and rice and wheat and flax and a few (three, I presume), other grains that I can't remember.

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Aw! What cute little meeces!!!!
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Jeeps is jealous, she wants a 'kitty tv' too.
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Cute meeses!! I was also wondering how much of that food your little mouse was able to eat.
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Aw they are cute little meeces. I have always thought mice were cute. I'm not too fond of rats, though. However, I feel every creature on this earth is beautiful in some way, EXCEPT a Cockroach!
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That is one cute mouse, so the big one you got there, plays with the little one or does he eat it?
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I had a couple of gerbils once. I had them out on my 3rd story balcony so they could get some fresh air. Well, I went out to feed them the next morning and they (or something) had chewed through the cage and I never saw them again. I don;t know if they jumped or a bird ate them or what. Hmmm....
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Oh how cute! I just want to pick him up and kiss him! I have had pet mice in the past, (although I'm not fond of the wild ones who get in my house and chew things up) but don't have any at the present time. I agree with you Hope...there is nothing beautiful about a cockroach!!! *shudders* But even some of the animals other people find ugly, I think are cute in their own way...for example...there was a wounded possum in our yard a month ago. (not wounded badly...just limping a bit and in shock I think, because he didn't move much) Hubby wanted to shoot it. I felt so sorry for it and took food and water out to it...staying a safe distance away so as not to be bitten. And I kept the dog away from it. I thought he was cute in his own little way. He finally disapeared, but my hubby and brother were laughing at me for giving him food.
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Awww what cute little mice!
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Awwwwwww. Mice are so cute. :mimouse:
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here's their tank, from above
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Mice in tube
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closeup of the little terra cotta village I made them, that first one is a mushroom shaped house, you can't see it very well, but it's cute!
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