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crosspost- 2 cats in CT need homes asap

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i am cross posting this for a friend:

Hi. My name is Kelly Dougherty and I live in Berlin, CT. I
currently volenteer
> with Animal Alliance Welfare League based in New Britain. I went
on your website
> because I am in desperate need of help to find homes for two cats
that are NOT
> my own.
> My boyfriend committed suicide on Christmas Day and left
behind two
> wonderful cats with no instructions for what is to be done with
them. With the
> permission of his parents, we have kept them at the Animal
Hospital of Berlin,
> where I currently work as a kennel attendant. However, his
parents refuse to
> fund their stay any longer and the hospital has some rules
regarding keeping
> animals at the hospital without funding. I have been asking
around, through
> AAWL, family, friends, and PetFinder.org but no one is willing to
take in the
> cats. His parents are "allergic" to them and various other people
have said
> that they cannot take in another cat because of their own cats. I
have begged
> my parents, but they too refuse to even foster them. I did a
search and found
> your organization, and hoped that maybe they could have a chance
to continue
> their life through one of your volenteers.
> I don't have much hope in leaving them at the Humane Society or
Pound because
> they are both older and I was informed that it might be hard to
find homes or
> they may be euthinized. I can only keep them at the hospital
until Jan. 20.
> One is named Ajax: a tiger, female, Domestic Short Hair,
spayed and 14years
> old. She seems to be in good health, is small, somewhat shy but
friendly, purrs
> a lot, loves laps, and is very calm and well-behaved. Her adopted
brother, "Zak"
> is black, 10 years old, neutered, and rather large (22lbs). He is
very lovable,
> outgoing, calm, and friendly, and may even be ok with dogs. He
is, however,
> diabetic and needs 6 units of insulin 2 times per day and is using
special food.
> We have both a new jar of insulin and a new bag of cat food for
him, so he
> should be ok for a while. The cats seem to love each other a lot,
so keeping
> them together would be preferred, but a home apart is better than
nothing I
> guess.
> If anyone in your organization would be willing to keep or foster
these two
> precious cats, please let me know as soon as you can. I do not
know where they
> will be in a couple of days, but hopefully they will be somewhere
> My email is Doughert8@aol.com

Please help me!!!! I love these cats
and it just
> breaks my heart that no one will help me help them!!!
> Thanks for your time,
> Kelly Dougherty
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Try this link and good luck!

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i will!!
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My heart goes out to you and these two cats. I can't imagine how horrific this must be for you and for the cats. I hope you can find a good home for them soon.
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has a home been found for these two sad kitties
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