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Announcing our Survey of Cat Lovers!

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After lots of work behind the scenes, it gives me great pleasure to finally announce our survey of Cat Lovers.

With this survey, we wish to learn more about you รขโ‚ฌโ€œ the cat lovers that come to The results will help us achieve a better understanding of your needs and wants and fine-tune the website so that you can enjoy it more!

Once you finish the survey, you will have the option of entering a draw for one of our prizes! Your survey entry remains completely anonymous and we will only use the data in aggregate form.
The survey includes 30 questions and should take about 10 minutes to complete. Questions marked with an asterisk must be answered.
Please fill in the survey only once so that we can achieve an accurate profile of our users. Thank you!

The prizes are 5 cat-related packages filled with goodies for you and your cats! Please give me feedback on the survey either here or in the survey itself (there's a place for comments in the end).

Thank you!!!
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This might sound like a stupid question. At the very end of the survey, where it asks for your name & e-mail address, do you need my real name or my user name?
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Good question , I did give my real name
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I would prefer that you use your board name, but either will work or give both.

Thanks guys! We are trying to build a better mousetrap for you cat lovers!
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Thanks...i just filled it out
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Argh, I put my real name. But A. Wilbur = Louse76 if that matters.

Also, by 'Discount Store' would that be WalMart etc?

Zero wants to know if he can enter too... jk!
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That was great, Thanks..
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Thanks everyone! Like hissy said, either real name or username will do. We need your details just so we can contact you to send you the prize if you win
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Just finished it.
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Aaaaaaaaaargh, i also put my real name, 'Numpty'!!

Susan McKinley is Rosiemac!!

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I put my real name too! Susan Guerth is Mom of 10 Cats!
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How much money do I spend on my cats each month? Not sure I want to know.

Are you talking about general expenses, or does it include vet bills?

Annual Vet bills for 5 senior cats...priceless.
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I put my real name too

Alicia Beuden = kitkatz
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My real name and my user name are the same, so I just used my real name, by seperating the Hope and the Hacker
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I took it and I even used my real name which I use here on the board anyways.... I just forgot to add my last name on the last part of the questionaire where you're supposed to put your name....It is Sims, by the way.
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All Done!!
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I filled it out.
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Originally posted by hissy

I took the survey today before I joined the board , my forum ID and name are the same I just added my last name

When is the drawing?
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The drawing will be on the 21st thereabouts, winners will be notified by email and if the members are active posters, they will be acknowledged in the forum. There will be an announcement in KittyBytes as well.
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I got in my email from TCS to fill out the survey , that is the same one right ? Should I fill it out again or am I good to go . I did use my real Name though in the survey I did in this thread . Thanks
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Yes it is the same one- Anne released it today to all registered members-
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Just letting you know the contest will go on to the end of Feb. So if you haven't taken this survey, now is your chance!
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