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I'm surrounded!

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Just venting here!

Well...the 2 new ferals that we saw a few weeks ago fighting on the front porch have not shown up again. But last night, another new one got into a tif with my 10 year old female on the porch. I opened the door and he ran off towards the west. He was a male tuxedo, looked to be unneutered.

Today, I see Lucky peering anxiously in the opening under the porch. I look inside and see a large fluffy red male(?) under there. I start talking to him and he mews back at me (I think he was a dumpster cat and not feral). I go in for food to coax him out and he comes out and starts to eat, but won't let me near him. So into the house I go to get the trap and by the time my hand is on the door, he is high-tailing down the road to the east.

So.....I'm going to have to do what I hate to do - climb over the barbed wire fence into the cattle field (there is a thick tree line in there) and try to trap them. I think the Humane Society will adopt out the red boy if he turns out to be a true stray.

It looks like I'm surrounded at least from the east and the west. And why oh why the porch? I don't even feed them there!

*sigh* I hate trapping in the cattle fields!!
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It's amazing what we go through for these creatures, isn't it? LOL! Put on thick clothes and gloves and most of all, Good Luck!!!!! Let us know how it goes.

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It never ends, does it! I'll bet that because there was no fighting, that this new cat will come back even though he high-tailed it down the road. You might try waiting a week before putting the trap in the pasture and see if he cames back to your house instead. It sure would make your life easier.

Do others agree or do y'all think it would be better to try to get him right away in the pasture?
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I'm no expert about this since I am so new to feral kitty trapping. But I think I would wait until he comes back to get some food. Good Luck with this pretty boy(?) I hope you catch him soon.
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Darn if I haven't seen hide nor hair of them since. I've even started putting food out by the edge of the woods on either side of me and there aren't any takers.

*sigh* *grumble*

I guess I need some come back kitty vibes!
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Sendng them your way.
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