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Here's one of my Baby Girl...Hopefully
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I'm sorry it's so small, my software sucks and it's either this or HUGE.
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Awwww...what a cute pose! And a pretty cat...I love black cats.
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Here is my tuxedo kitty named Zipper, this one's small too
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And of course my eight month olds Tiger(male) and the tortie Ashely
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fstrrk-- the two last kitties look like rex? but I'm not sure if they are??

gorgeous cats, shame about the small photos.
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They are all gorgeous
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No, they're not Rexs. They are muts, but beautiful ones! And I'm working on getting new software for my digi cam!
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your babies are beautiful!!!!
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They are beautiful!
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They look pretty to me .
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Ahhh.. Yes indeed very pretty.
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IrfanView.com might be able to help resize those pics. I use that and AdobePhoto to help me.
As for your cat pics, love them. Love the pose of your black cat and looks like your others are the bestest of friends. How great that is
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