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Is milk ok for cats?

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I caught Rosie the other day lapping up milk from my cereal bowl.

She's always been used to having just water.

Can milk upset her tummy?. I've tried her on the milk thats for cats, but she turns her nose up at it!.

It's skimmed milk i use by the way.

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That one incident shouldn't hurt her. But milk in general usually disagrees with a cat's stomach, and can cause upset stomach & diarrhea. They can't digest the lactose.

Cat milk is OK (if she'll drink it), and a little bit of lactose-free milk every now & then is all right. You don't want to give too many treats of any sort or it will unbalance her diet.
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I agree that in general most cats get upset tummys with milk.
However some are an exception - my Tulip has always drunk milk and it does not upset her tummy. The same with Dirt who would live on it if you let him, Mischa also drinks milk sometimes no upset tummy there either.They dont have it every day or anything - just as a treat really. There is only Katy left who wont drink anything other than water anyway. I have had cats who are totally lactose intolerant and boy do you know it - phew!
None of mine will touch that Cat Milk stuff they sell but at least I never have to throw milk away!
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Must admit, after i took the bowl away from her, she gave what sounded like a burp!.

I'll have to make sure theres no milk left lying around, just in case!

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Well, if you hear her tummy rumbling, you'll know not to let her have any more.

I do admit I used to let Mr. Underfoot lick my cereal bowl sometimes when I was finished, but I didn't leave him much, only a sip or 2. It didn't seem to bother him.

Just check her litterbox, and if she gets diarrhea you'll know to strictly keep it away from her.
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