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My Team

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Hi everybody,

I'm rachel from Tel Aviv, Israel and I've just joined in.

I have a team of 5 lovers: Washy-Washy, Tzoof, Moyshaleh and my own masterpiece Panda.

About 4 weeks ago we've had a very special addition: Booba, she's already a large kitten and she's deaf but bursting with personality and bursting everything else in the house.

She is not very welcomed by Moyshaleh, to say the least, he doesn't understand why on earth does she have to bounce around the house all day long.

so be well - all feline fans.

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Hi and Welcome to the TCS This is a great site to be at....
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Welcome to the site Rachel! Sounds like your cat family is a handful, especially with your newest addition. We do have a couple member who have deaf cats as well, so feel free to ask about Booba if you have any questions or concerns.
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Hi Rachel,
good to have you on the site, it's great!!

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Hi and welcome
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Hiya Rachel . . . good to have you here!!!!

Could we see some pictures of your lovely-sounding kitties?
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Welcome to TCS
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Hi Rachel! Welcome to you and Washy-Washy, Tzoof, Moyshaleh, Panda & Booba!! You had me chuckling when I read about Moyshaleh not understanding why Booba has to bounce around the house all day! And when I was chuckling, my cats: Little Heart & Romeo were just staring at me, as if they were thinking "what's so funny"? May I ask how old everyone is? My 6 fur-babies are ages 3 yrs thru 9 yrs 10 mo's.
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Welcome to TCS! Sorry I had to laugh, Booba what a cute name!, Enjoy your stay.
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Welcome to TCS Rachel to you and your family.
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welcome rachel, and to your team of 5!!!
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