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Thursday Daily Thread

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Good morning everyone! I'm just getting ready for work and it's before the crack of dawn!

I appologize to all those who have had new threads, including the Fur Pictures threads, that I haven't responded to. I have seen most of them. I just don't have time to respond. Maybe once I get more settled in my new job!

On January 27th I start my regular schedule which will be 6 A.M. to 4:30 PM. And I'll work 7 days then have seven days off.

I have to scoot! I'm supposed to try to be there at 5:00 am this morning. YIKES! I told them I can't be responsible for my behavior that early. Sheesh.... it's the middle of the night!
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It's nearly 1.40p.m. here at work in the UK.

Snow is forecast, and it's really cold!.

I just wish people would stop coming into my office because their letting the heat out!.

Roll on 4.45p.m.

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Somebody, please tell me that its really Friday! With our weather extremes, this week and not getting enough sleep, I'm SO tired.

Rowdy has been on a tear and stays up all night, getting into things. I hear the door on the bathroom cupboard banging at ungodly hours, she rips across the bed several times per night and runs around, knocking things over. If it weren't for Buddy and Opie, I'd close the bedroom door. The boys sleep with us, I don't want to cut off their access to the litter boxes and I don't want to shut them out, either. I like having them snuggled up with me. I'm going to get Bill to install a baby lock, on that cupboard door. We've already had to put them on a couple drawers, because of Rowdy.

This morning, my deodorant wasn't in its usual place, on my dresser. After some searching, I found it under the bed. She sat on the toilet, this morning, as I was brushing my teeth. That little witch looked me straight in the eye and started to shred the toilet paper. She got a stern "no" and a tap on the paw. Thank goodness, the boys don't join her. Having all three of them, on a rampage, would be just too much.

Oh well, the sun is coming out and I guess that I'll go to work, after all.
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Good morning everyone! Well hopefully it'll be a good day for me. Hehe! Anyhoo, this morning Koa and Kolohe have an appointment at 10:00 a.m. I'm getting a Rabies blood test done. It's required through the state of Hawaii, before we move there. They have an Animal Quarantine. So I'm trying to get all this stuff done. Make it an easier trip for the kitties. You know?!

Well I'm originally from Hawaii, but have been residing here in CA for 3 years now. Hubby is in the Marine Corps. But anyways, I'm just hoping everything goes well as far as me making sure all the requirements have been met. You probably will be seeing me post about moving and such. But that'll be later.

Hope everyone has a good day!
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Well, it's started to snow!!. 15 minutes before i finish work, wonderful!!!!.

It could have waited until i got in the house!.

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Good Morning everyone!

I had an awesome birthday yesterday! Thanks to everyone that wished me a great day! We went to Outback last night and it was soooo good! I had the Alice Springs Chicken and we shared a bloomin' onion. I also had a margarita (yum, yum)my favorite!

Today is another day...no one took me out to lunch yesterday and now they all want to take me today...I just told them next week please...I have leftovers!! And, my daddy is coming all the way up here to take me to lunch tomorrow! I am so excited! You see, my dad has been very sick for about 7 years now...and for him to travel such a long way just to have lunch with me...it means A LOT to me!

Next Wednesday, school starts! I am getting tired of having nothing to really do.

Have a great one everybody!
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So glad it Saturday, Boy am I so glad it saturday.. Haha jokes, it's school holidays everyday feels like a saturday to me.

Well this morning I woke up to a immaculate(sp?) room.. Yesterday it took me from 4PM to 10PM to clean my room.. I was sooo tired afterwards but at least I had clean sheets and such. Some people are coming around to look at our kittens today.. Then I'm going to the beach for a swim and sunbath

Tammie, I hope you're enjoying(..well you know what i mean..) your new job. Can't wait to see you back posting

Susan, hope you're at home now and all warm!

Cindy, Another one of your great stories, Rowdy sounds like such a dag!

2rascalkitties, how lovely.. Hawaii!

Caprice, glad you had an awsome day, have fun with your dad!!

Have a nice day everyone.
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Ok - I'm home, I'm tired and I'm cranky. Most of my callers were stupid, rude, obnoxious or all of the above. I vented to Bill and he threatened to make me sleep in the crate with Pearl. I had already threatened to make Rowdy sleep in there.

After all of my grumpiness, Bill ordered a pizza. Maybe, I'll get a foot rub, too.
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