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About Dogs, But Still Important *Need Vibes*

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Hi, a friend of mine in NC is on probation for "supposedly" letting her dogs roam free (she did not) but she and her husband increased the security around their dog cages. Now she was just charged again for letting her dogs roam free. She was not only out of town on that day, but the dogs are locked in 9 foot high pens and they were still in the pens when they got home and the locks were still locked. She went to court yesterday and barely got off, but was admonished by the judge to have the dogs destroyed and her lawyer suggested she do it too because the county was out to get her or her dogs. By the county they mean a rich and ill-willed neighbor with the ear of the county. The dogs are old (early teens) and are now at a vet's to be destroyed. One veterinary technician is rescuing the female dog, but the male companion dog (with 3 legs) is still on death row. Please send get a home now vibes to NC to save my friend's dog. The female dog will be moving to FL so my friend will no longer be able to be charged for letting the dogs roam free. Please help save my friend's male dog.
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OMG Ericka that is so sad! Those poor dogs, they have to be so confused. I know it's not really your friend's fault, but those poor, poor dogs.

Many good vibes sent out to find a home for that boy!!
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We're all very upset by the whole deal, but my friend was left to choose between destroying her dogs or going to jail and possibly losing her kids. What a horrible choice to give a person, especially when they're not guilty.

We're hoping the tech can take the other dog too so the dogs can stay together.
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Sending positive vibes to your friend! That just really stinks!!
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What a crappy situation!! I sure hope the dogs get to stay together, even if they can't stay with your friend. What an extraordinarily horrible person "the county" must be! Prayers and good luck vibes heading their way.
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OMG! That's really really sad. I'm sending lots of thoughts that the dog gets a home soon but also thoughts for you, your friend and her family, this must be so hard.
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Oh no this is really horrid. Sending positive thoughts to all
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That's horrible!
Sending prayers for the poor dog.
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Could she not prove that she was out of town ? It just don't sound right and fair to me The thole situation really stinks to high heaven . Those poor dogs .

I say a prayer for the dogs
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The poor dog!. Sending good vibes for everyone.

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Tell your friend to find a lawyer and fight! If she can't afford one, check with the Humane Society. They may know someone willing to do some pro-bono work. I had a county official decide he didn't like the way I pruned my hedges. Yup, it was that stupid, but the man made me his personal project. If I didn't mow my lawn for 2 weeks, he was there giving me notice. He actually told me "Between the 2 of us, we'll get this house looking the way I want it". WELL! I'm working with a lawyer on a courtcase due to my accident, I pulled him in on this. All it took was 1 meeting with the official, my lawyer and an arbitrator to end it. We had photos and witnesses proving that my lawn was neatly landscaped and that there was something personal going on. If your friend can prove that the dogs are not dangerous, nor are they roaming loose, she can save them!
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She's got a lawyer, that's why she got the choice. The judge is really coming down hard on them and no one can really figure it out. In a normal situation this would never have even gone to court. She would have been fined and never even originally put on probation. She got the lawyer after that bit and they're appealing the original decision, but until then she's kind of stuck.
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Ericka - may I ask what county in NC your friend is in? Will be thinking positive thoughts for your friend
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I'll have to ask. I don't know NC counties. I know it's near something like Bunscombe, but isn't that county, she's inland in the point.
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that's terrible! I hope your friend can find a way to sort this out, her neighbour needs a kick up the a$$!!!!
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What a horriable choice to have to make I certainly will be sending mega vibes that they find a home quickly
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First, I'm sorry your friend is in a situation. But, I have to believe there's got to be more to it than just "letting her dogs roam free." There's no place here in NC where an "at large" charge would result in any more than a civil fine - that means there would never be a requirement to go before a judge, there would never be a potential for jail time involved, and this would never result in a requirement for the dogs to be euthanized.

Do the dogs have a history of threatening or attacking people or other domestic animals? The laws are here are very specific about behaviors which would result in the declaration of the dogs as dangerous (and have been used as a model for similar laws in other states.)

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CharmsDad, no there isn't supposed to be a place where it would, but it did and it is an at large charge that was filed as a misdemeanor (sp? I KNOW I spelled that wrong). There are dogs that are constantly running horses, etc., at night there and my friend is having problems with them too. But the woman who is complaining is complaining to the right people and even the lawyer is completely baffled by what's happening. The dogs have not harmed or "threatened" to harm anyone. The female (Reba) got out once before everything started I think, but the actual charges started later. The stupid part of it is this. The woman is complaining about trash being spread out by dogs and my friend used to clean up the trash and it got to the point that this woman was telling everyone just to call my friend if they wanted their garbage picked up. When my friend stopped picking up anyone's and everyone's garbage the charges started. However, the dogs (Noah and Reba) are at the Jackson County Animal Shelter right now. Noah is a 3 legged white shephard and Reba is a German Shephard.
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I don't know anyone in Jackson County, but I do have close ties with a number of Animal Control Directors and county attorneys (assigned to animal issues) in other counties who might know someone. I'll see what I can find out. I won't be able to contact anyone before Tuesday since all state offices are closed on Monday for the MLK holiday.

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That is so sad!!!
Can they really do that? Just kill innocent dogs because of nothing? it sounds like someone doesn't like your friend or her dogs and is trying to ruin her life.
Sending good vibes to your friend and her dogs, please let us know what happens in the end!
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While I don't have detailed information regarding this particular case, I did confirm the following:

Jackson County has a long history of a "good ol' boy" network within its legal system. The county's judges, attorneys, and sheriff are all related to each other (cousins I believe.)

According to NC law (I confirmed this today): no NC judge has the authority to order an animal destroyed unless the animal has killed a person or has previously been declared dangerous and then subsequently caused serious injury or death to a person. The sole exception is if an animal is rabid. In other words - the judge can NOT order the animal destroyed simply for being stray or running loose. The judge would not only be overturned, a case could be made for judicial review in such a case. We've had judges disciplined for less in this state. While wide latitude is often given, the judicial review committee has a history of taking poorly to judges that try to go outside their authority.

I also confirmed: a class 3 misdemeanor can ONLY be applied (max $500 fine or 30 days in jail) if INTENT is proven in letting an animal run loose at night. It is almost impossible to prove intent, so any case would be overturned on appeal. Simply running "at large" is only a civil penalty and so can only be a fine.

I'm still trying to find more details, but everyone I spoke with (even with some familiarity with Jackson County) quickly remarked that there must be more to this case than is being presented.

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