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Newman's Own Organic Pet Food

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Anyone seen this or tried this yet? Thought I might give it a try.

For more info go to: http://www.tjspetshop.com/search.php...ews/kws=011403
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I've heard about it, but haven't tried it. I do use other Newman products (people food ) and have been very happy with them. I think the biggest draw of this product is the "organic", meaning that you are supporting growers who do not use many environmental damaging products. If I see it in Whole Foods I might try it, but I have to say that my cats have turned their nose up to just about every food but the one they are currently on.
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What food do your cats like? You said they won't eat anything except what they're on; what is it?
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I was interested in finding this food too. I was feeding my cats innova dry and I thought the igredients of the Newman's own looked great. I soon found chicken soup for the cat lovers soul and I dont think I will ever switch again. The Innova is an excellent food, but my cats weren't going nuts over it so I wanted to try something else. Since I started feeding chicken soup, their bodies have filled out well and their coats look amazing!

I currently mix the innova and the chicken soup just to make sure they get all of their nutrient needs in case one food is missing something. I think it is a great idea to do.

I also feel a variety of high quality wet food, a few tablespoonfulls a night. My one cat really appreciates it more than my other cat. I switch between wellness, precise and pet guard. I tried the chicken soup wet but they both hated it.

Good luck finding the food you are looking for...I highly recommend the chicken soup though, because the ingredients are comparable to Newman's own and it is all natural....it is also priced very reasonably...I get it for a buck a pound here!

Take care and I hope this helped!
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